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Hey there. Thanks for choosing the right people to #giveashit about your business. We would apologize for cuss words, however we are the NO BULLSH*T agency. 

First and foremost, meet your new team:

Ray Sjolseth: E: ray@10twelve.com and M: (805) 433-5442

Kelly DeWald: E: kelly@10twelve.com and M: (847) 406-8513

Joey Leon: E: joey@10twelve.com and M: (805) 304-1638

here's what's up this week at our place

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If you wanna stop by:

1872 Johns Drive
Glenview, IL, 60025
United States


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Thanks for trusting us with your brand. We are excited to join your team and have you on ours!

-The 10twelve Crew