Squarespace has spent the last decade growing to be one of the top website building platforms for both individuals and web designers like us. What makes them our favorite? Squarespace templates are versatile. Squarespace web hosting is fast. Squarespace tools are powerful. That’s a recipe for an impressively functional, beautifully designed website.

Squarespace templates aren’t just built for a computer screen either. Responsive web design is all the rage right now for a reason - people use the internet on their smartphones and tablets as much or more than on desktops, and the mobile numbers continue to grow every year. Building a Squarespace website means having perfect mobile compatibility on lockdown. That’s a no-brainer.

We also love (and agree with) Squarespace’s philosophy and entrepreneurial roots. Unlike so many startups these days, they had a great product first. Squarespace isn’t focused on being included in some made-up club of “hottest startups”. They’re focused on empowering their users to make incredible websites. They’re focused on brightening the future of the internet.

Squarespace puts all the tools for an incredible website within reach. As Squarespace experts, we know how to help you get the most out of those tools, so you end up with a perfect, custom website. Check out our work here.