Joint Photographic Experts Group

Commonly used for high quality photography, but also for lower resolution online use. This file format will loose quality if you try to scale it larger than its pixel width. It does not maintain transparency like a PNG or vector file will and is not our recommended file type for print needs.


Portable Network Graphics

This file type is typically used for transferring images on the internet and is not typically recommended for print use. Like mentioned above, this file type does support transparency. This makes it great for placing on backgrounds of different colors without having a box around it like a .jpg or .jpeg would. The PNG is great for text, graphics and online use to create a crisper look and like a .jpg, we do not recommend scaling it larger than its file size to protect the integrity of the resolution.


Graphics Interchange Format

This file type is specifically created for online use, colors, reducing the number of colors to 256 and can also be used for animation. This file format supports transparency and allows for reduction of file size. It is similar to a PNG, but is of lower quality.


Encapsulated Postscript File

This file format is used for logos