4 Areas to Invest in Your Business that Stand Out

We get it…there is only so much money in the budget and you want to make every penny count. You know branding and marketing efforts are important, but maybe you are not sure where to begin. What are the areas you can invest a little extra in your business and grab some attention? Each market is a little different, but here are a few essential investments that remain true across the board:


When starting up your business there is no shortage of costs, but your company branding sticks with you throughout the life of your business. Don’t be penny-wise and dollar-foolish with something as important as your company’s logo. Think about the world’s top brands and how memorable and recognizable their logos are. You don’t want to pull your new business’ logo from clipart or save a jpg of some generic text out of Word just so you can do it on your own. People will notice. You also don’t want to use some generic logo-building program so that your logo looks like everyone else’s logo in your industry. How many realtor or home renovation company’s have we seen with that same top half of the house design paired with their company name? How many environmentally friendly companies utilize that same leaf and sun combo that has grown tired and generic? While that initial design wasn’t bad, it loses impact when the market is saturated with that same logo or slight variations of it. You need to look professional and differentiate yourself from the competition. Spend the money now with a company that will take the time to look into your competition, listen to your wants and come up with some concepts that are sure to make a memorable impression on your customers and remain relevant for years to come.

Business Cards

We have always found it valuable to spend a little extra to make your business cards unique. With all of the business cards people are given, your card needs to be different. While it may be tempting to buy the cheaper business cards from a popular online site, spending a couple hundred on 1,000 cards that will have some sort of differentiator will get your brand noticed and not thrown right out. Some specialty techniques you can implement on your business cards to help you stand out would be noticeably thicker paper stock, foil stamping, spot glossing, complementary colored edges and custom die-cutting to shape. Rather than the standard rectangular white business card that can be generated online, but look like every other business that used that same generator. Make an impact! It matters. We have done this with each of our own businesses and do not hand a card over without a comment about how cool and unique the card is. That extra notice and memorable experience is worth the extra investment.


You don’t need to pay for the Cadillac of websites. Is your company processing the number of orders that Kylie Jenner’s latest lip gloss line is, with the threat of a total site-wide crash upon launch of the newest, hottest shade? Are you trying to host the amount of products that powerhouse ecommerce sites like Amazon are? Probably not. You can likely come up with a professional, affordable solution that will present your company well and not break the bank. Don’t skimp and try to build a free site with some online site builder you Googled and give up part way, leaving blocks that still show the standard Greeking or leave a ton of broken links as your customer’s navigate your site. Make the investment to ensure that your viewers have the experience of a beautiful, professional, easy-to-navigate website that entices them to learn more and converts to sales. Make sure that the first impression of your site is favorable and not sending them straight to your competitor because they are unsure if they can trust the experience they will have with your brand. Be able to rest assured that whatever device or browser they are perusing your content on, the experience will be as intended.

SEO Strategy

This particular area is done behind the scenes, but gets your business found. Making sure the company you are using for website design and development or any monthly content management does the proper competitor research, keyword analysis, image naming strategy and content planning is crucial. You want to make sure that when your ideal customer goes to Google and searches for a business like yours they can find your company. This doesn’t just happen without any effort and it takes time. So many companies out there want to build you a website, collect their check and be done. Find a company that wants to invest in your success long-term and grow together. Make sure there is strategy and substance behind your marketing efforts.

Ready to launch your new business? Are you an existing business that is ready to take it to the next level? Let’s talk about your business and your specific industry and decide on a strategy that is right for you. Trust in the business-building experts at 10twelve to take your business where it needs to be.