8 Restaurant Marketing Tips

There is no denying it we are living in the age of foodies. Studies have shown that the average Millennial eats out five times per week, giving restaurants a huge opportunity to promote and drive their business. As a restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate. We’re sharing some inside tips and strategies that can boost your customer reach. 

Social Media Platforms
Social media is huge opportunity for restaurants to get a slice of the action. Social media for restaurants has easily become one of the best tools for restaurants to leverage when engaging with their target market. A majority of millennials when searching for new dining options will research the restaurant platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Yelp in order to view menu items and other customer comments. Creating a social media strategy and by being consistent with posting content can have a significant impact in driving new business.

Email Marketing
Restaurants can utilize email marketing to promote new specials, menu changes, and other promotions to attract customers into your restaurant. What makes email marketing so valuable is that the customer generally signs up for this content by choice, which means that you have the power to directly contact customers who are interested in your offerings. It has never been easier to make beautiful newsletters and email campaigns to send to your customers. Let us know how we can help! 

Maximizing Your Wi-Fi
Most restaurants offer complimentary Wi-Fi to their guests. But are you maximizing this service to benefit the restaurant as well? Social software programs are a great addition to your current Wi-Fi package. This type of software requires customers to connect using Facebook, Twitter, or an email account. Emails collected can be added to your email marketing list which offers you more opportunities to connect with customers who genuinely enjoy your restaurant. To top it off. Many of these software’s offer greater insight to the frequency your customers are visiting your restaurant and enable you to market to a more targeted audience. 

A Mobile Friendly Website
The amount of time spent on your smart phone has been steadily increasing over the years. Users spend an average of five hours per day on their phone. What does this mean for your restaurant? Having a functional and visually appealing website is great, but making sure that your website is mobile-friendly is imperative for customers who wish to view your menu or place online orders. 

Managing Your Reviews!
As any restaurant owner knows, reviews can make or break you. Review applications such as Yelp gives the customer power to complain (or hopefully compliment) at any time. As all owners in the industry know it is quite common for miniscule complaints to arise, especially during rushes. Nonetheless, it is imperative to manage your reviews and respond to negative reviews in the comments or a private message with an apology or resolution. Additionally, encourage customers to leave positive reviews across social platforms. This can be presented to customers through signage in your restaurant, newsletters, or throughout social interactions. 

Food Photography
If you’re in the industry than you know that presentation is everything. The same goes for your food photography. Utilizing a clean background and proper lighting to highlight the texture and flavors are key in creating appealing food photography. Having beautiful photos of your food can then be used across Yelp, your website, and socials that are sure to lure in hungry guests. 

Food Bloggers
Inviting local food bloggers and influencers to visit your restaurant is a great way to have respected leaders in the space promote your restaurant and even share your content. There are many online food communities with large social presences such as Infatuation or Eater that partner with local restaurants frequently. 

Partnering with Food Apps
We have seen a huge surge in the use food delivery applications, yet not all restaurants are taking advantage of them. Whether you’re on Postmates, GrubHub, or Uber Eats; working with food delivery service apps can be an additional stream of income for your business. We foresee offering delivery services becoming a staple in many fast dining or casual restaurant’s marketing initiative. 

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