6 Keys To an Effective Social Media Distribution Team

Creating engaging content is critical to business success and survival, but it is only part of it. Even if you have stellar content, it won’t matter if the right people aren’t seeing it. Distribution is key, but it is also something that many companies struggle to execute effectively. In fact, although brands invest around 25%-43% of their marketing budget on content, only 23% of CMOs believe that they are getting the right content to the right audience at the right time and format.

At 10twelve, we work with brands every day to not only craft content, but develop and implement distribution strategies.

To succeed as a business, you need to have valuable, engaging content, a strong distribution strategy and a talented team to execute it. Increase the reach and potential of your content with these tips:

Importance of Content Distribution

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that content distribution is as simple as getting the most views. To manage it effectively, you need to make sure that your content is seen not by as many people as possible, but by the right people, in the right format and place, at the right time. 

1. Be consistent.

Brand consistency is a vital part of every business strategy you develop. You need to be consistent with your company values and mission. You need to create consistent customer experiences and service. Your content also needs to be consistent, in voice, message and frequency.

Instead of posting whenever you find the time, plan out your content in advance. Create a content calendar and set up a distribution schedule for your social media team to follow. This communicates to your audiences that you are dependable and active. When content is well-crafted, it can also keep audiences engaged and entice them to visit your profiles regularly for fresh information and insights.

Building a community is difficult and time-consuming but also necessary to brand success. Don’t throw all that hard work away by posting inconsistently.

2. Establish channel-specific posting guidelines.

To ensure that your marketing always reflects your brand, create branding guidelines. This may also take the form of Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs. These are documents that outline every step of a process, so that anyone with access to it could complete a task. When created effectively, anyone can perform a given task to perfection with little to no guidance needed.

This not only makes sure that your posts remain brand consistent, but that they share the same voice across channels. However, this doesn't meant that your posts should be identical on every social media platform. Each channel has specific audiences as well as style and purpose. To capture the right audiences, you need to cater your content distribution to the specific platform.

3. Craft shareable content.

The content that you create not only needs to be high-quality, it needs to be engaging and possess a “shareable” factor. When brainstorming content ideas, think about distribution and share potential.

Is the topic timely? For example, winter and Christmas-themed posts will get more engagement as the holiday approaches, when it is already on people’s minds. Is it newsworthy? Take a look at industry trends or what is happening in the news. Topics that affect your audience are important, and if the timing is right, you can tap into an even bigger conversation.

Make it easy to share on social media too. For instance, include social share buttons on your blog or click-to-tweet so readers can easily post parts to their profiles.

4. Partner with key audiences.

Another tactic to increase the reach of your content distribution is through curation and partnerships. Highlight user-generated content on your social channels. These can be in the form of customer testimonials or reviews and will give your brand credibility and build trust.

Partnering with influencers, experts or other brands and notable figures amplifies the reach of your content as well. It also balances out your messages, so that your social media doesn’t seem excessively self-promotional. You can run a social media promotion with them. Include them in a blog and tag them in the social media post.

5. Get creative.

Think outside the box when it comes to content distribution. Your social media team can share your content through posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other channels. However, there are several tools, tactics, and platforms out there that you could also tap into.

For example, question and answer forums like Quora and Reddit can be a valuable tool for content distribution when used effectively. With these platforms, you really need to provide useful, expert advice and engage the community. Every piece of content that you share should be framed in a way that adds real value. If you are simply trying to plug in a shout out to your business, people will easily see through it.

You can also repurpose and republish your blog content on platforms like LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. Both platforms host notable thought leaders and are sources that people often go to for industry information.

Be creative and look for new opportunities to engage audiences. Test out different approaches, but make sure to measure and track your efforts. Figure out what works best for you brand and audience.

6. Combine organic social media marketing and paid efforts.

It may seem easier to throw some money into boosted posts and social media ads to promote your content. Although paid advertising can spike your traffic, it won’t last if you don’t also have a solid organic social media marketing strategy.

On the other hand, organic efforts alone aren’t likely to bring in customers overnight. It takes time, patience, and consistency before you see results from organic marketing. However, paid promotion can accelerate those results and your growth.

Map out customer journeys to identify touch points where paid advertising dollars would be most well spent. Also, identify opportunities to engage with audiences organically. Measure and adjust your efforts to get the best return on investment.

Investing in great content is essential to growing your business, but don’t forget about the other part--content distribution. With the right social media distribution strategy and team to execute it, your brand can attract new business, increase sales and develop long-lasting customer relationships. To learn more about content distribution and how it can help grow your business, reach out to 10twelve today.