Why Whiteboard Videos Kick-Ass

Making a presentation is intimidating.  You rely heavily on programs like PowerPoint to give your potential investors or customers insight into your business.  With technology continuing to improve, there has to be a better way.

There is!  Whiteboard videos have taken the market by storm.  It is not hard to understand why.  We grew up watching our teachers guide us through tough math problems, foreign words, and more during grammar school through writing on the whiteboard.  These types of videos are really a no brainer.  We already are automatically inclined to perceive whiteboards as a tool for learning.

Whiteboard videos or animation is a style where static images are drawn on the screen.  Typically, the script is written as a third person that tells the story through the drawing.  Whiteboard videos are simple, yet incredibly engaging.

If you are still not convinced whiteboard videos are the best way to present your company, here are some reasons to consider them for your next marketing project:

1.    Whiteboard videos cost less than video production

When you hire a crew to create a video for your company, there are tons of expenses associated with production.  Between hiring actors, creating a script, hiring a production crew, editing, adding music, and more, you will experience sticker shock if you are not prepared. The total project could range around $5000 - $10,000 depending on the length of the video.  There are quite a few moving parts in film production that you might not account for especially if it is your first time investing in a video for your company. 

A whiteboard video is an animation started with a storyboard then to animation than to the final product.  You can expect your price tag to be around the $1500 mark. The cost will fluctuate depending on the length of the video and whether or not it is dynamic, meaning more animation.  A simple whiteboard video that is black and white does just the trick relaying your message, but if you have a little extra to splurge, the dynamic option will add a little pizzazz to your already amazing concept. The team at 10twelve have created quite a few successful whiteboard videos our customer’s budget.

2.    The creation process is straightforward.

Any project can look a bit daunting at the beginning but whiteboard videos done with companies like 10twelve, who specialize in whiteboard animation and understand marketing, make the process simple. 

To help our customers, we ask questions regarding the overall goals of the video, who their audience is, and visuals they would like to use.  Next, we draft a storyboard with a script which goes to our customer for approval.  Then changes are made, and we get to work.

Since the story is outlined on the storyboard, production time is cut down to just a few weeks.

The storyboard elements are sketches as to what the final product is going to convey.  The film artists who interpret those elements into the final product. There's no piecing together of different shots and lining up the sound to video.  The editing time is cut down significantly.  It's all there, approved and ready to go!

What you get is a professional quality video with your custom promotional pitch. 

3.    Whiteboard videos are easily shareable and naturally viral

Sharing information within an organization is taxing especially if you are sending a white paper or lengthy email to your CEO.  Whiteboard videos are usually around 90 seconds long, which is about the time it takes to scroll through your Facebook feed without your boss looking.  Sharing a link to the video will save you time in explaining the features of an individual product or feature your company is interested in buying.

Whiteboard videos do not discriminate among viewers due to its simplicity and mass appeal.  There's something about watching someone draw on a whiteboard that is the appeal.  It keeps the audience intrigued throughout because they want to see what is drawn next.  Every share or recommendation among your colleagues, friends, or business partners will have the video on several platforms for the world to see.

 One study, conducted by Carla Clark, a Neuroscientist and Ph.D., which compared 1,000 whiteboard viewers and 1,000 talking head viewers (of mixed ages 22 to 65+), found that whiteboard viewers were three times more likely to share the video on social media and were twice as likely to both recommend and buy the service, as well as to recall the facts and message being delivered.

4.    Whiteboards are compelling according to science

Some people are visual learners, especially now with the popularity of YouTube.  According to an article by Psychology Today, videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.  That means you retain information much better when you watch something entertaining and information like a whiteboard video instead of reading the text in a book.

Also, when you are creating a short video, it can deliver your message with a visual along with words.  Whiteboard videos are known for their cartoonish figures which relate to those watching because they can personify themselves with the character since they do not look like someone in particular.  It is easier to generate a message of them being in the shoes of the presenter when solving a problem plus they are fun.  Remember watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid; whiteboard videos bring the same entertainment with a more grown up message.  

Whiteboard video is the perfect addition to any marketing strategy.  You can manipulate the story to fit your brand and vision.  The cost of executing these videos is much less than a full production, and they still give the same message or even better.  Your customer can relate because the characters are not person specific.

Use whiteboard videos for your next pitch.  It is much better than death by PowerPoint and way more entertaining.

To get your project started today, contact the team at 10twelve.  They will get you all the tools you need to create the best whiteboard video out there.