6 Reasons Why You Need Promo Products for Your Business

Business cards are great, but they only take you so far.  There's nothing cooler than passing out a logo'd fidget spinner at your next trade show.  Everyone will make an excuse to come to your booth so they can be just as cool as the people around them.  Company merchandise has proven to be one of the most powerful and efficient marketing tools.

Promo products can make your business memorable.  As Maya Angelou says, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  Corporate merchandise leaves a lasting impression especially when it’s useful.  Trade show attendees will flock to your booth for a good pen.  Eighty-nine percent of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promo product they’d received in the last two years.  By giving them something different, thoughtful, or just really cool, you will make an impression on them that will lead to higher sales and more customers. 

1.    Someone always needs a pen

Every time you fly internationally, they make you fill out these forms on the plane.  More often than not, the person next to you never has a pen.  It's incredible, even when you find yourself at a conference or trade show, there is always something to fill out.

What better way to keep a reminder in someone’s purse, pocket, briefcase, padfolio, or whatever than a good pen with your logo printed in big bold black letters?   We know the abyss of a large women’s purse is probably full of pens gathered throughout the years.  At one-tenth of a cent, bags tie with writing instruments for the lowest cost per impression of any promo product in the United States.

2.    Customers become walking billboards

People love freebies, especially good looking ones.  Imagine trade show promos that attendees use instead of the bags given at registration.  Many times you will get these flimsy small bags that hurt your shoulders, but if you invest in something a little more flashy and comfortable, people will be walking around the conference flashing your logo all over the place.

Not only that but if you happen to giveaway comfy ring-spun tees with a sick tagline or dry wicking polos with your company name, attendees to the trade show will opt to rock your apparel at events surrounding the event.  They may even wear it to the conference pool party which will put your brand on blast. Consumers usually hold on to promotional products for an average of 6.6 months. Give them swag they would die to wear during and after the event. 

3.   Corporate gifts are more than just baskets

During the holiday, companies receive a plethora of gift baskets with all kinds of goodies.  Most of the time, it ends up in the break room where the employees grab their favorites and leave.  There's nothing wrong with sending a generous gift but who actually remembers who sent the food?  Your client might remember who sent the wine over the person who sent the flimsy box of chocolates, but all they get is a small note with your company name they probably toss after the holiday season is over.

Make a better impression by investing in a corporate gift that means a little bit more than a tray of cheese and sausages.  Almost anything can get a logo.  Consider a nice padfolio, wine glasses, or even a cutting board.  After receiving a promotional product, people did 85% more business with the advertiser.

What a great reminder of your relationship with your customer every time they need to chop something up in their kitchen.  Create an impression by giving something they can use for a long time. 

4.    Increase your ROI

Spending a couple hundred or thousands of dollars on promo products might seem like a lot of money.  In comparison to other types of marketing, company merchandise gets the highest return on your investment than any other medium out there. 

What is different about promo items is your sales team controls who receives them.  If you're at a trade show, the countless bags, pens, or notebooks are handed out to potential customers in your industry.  Commercials, direct mailings and more can land in the wrong hands, leading to a wasted effort or lower ROI.

Statistics prove that seven in 10 consumers recalled receiving at least one promotional product in the past 12 months.   That’s a pretty good conversion when considering dollars spent.  That means 70% of people who have a pen, bag, or whatever company merchandise remember your name. 

5.     Everyone likes a freebie

It’s rare to find someone who will say “no” to a freebie.  Millennials love swag. Younger people between the ages of 18-34 are 54% more likely to have promo item desk accessories. Mugs or any drink wear deem themselves useful on any day of the week.  You can also logo one of those tumblers that keep your drink cold or hot for hours at a time.  Nifty freebies have a long shelf life.  The stapler in Office Space had an impact on Milton.  The same can happen for any one of your promo products. 

Millennials are also early adopters of trends.  Popular social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat became viral in a short period because millennials want the best now.  The same can happen with your promo items.  Younger people unknowingly become brand ambassadors by displaying your company merchandise on their social media profiles.  Every time they take a selfie at their desk, your company logo is prominently displayed in the background, giving you more marketing opportunities that did not initially cross your mind.

6.     You’re not limited to just pens and bags

There are thousands of giveaways.  You are not limited by what you see at every trade show you’ve ever attended.  We mentioned bags, shirts, padfolios, notebooks, pens, and more.  Your marketing capabilities are limited only by your imagination.  Each business is unique and requires their own voice.  Company merchandise should represent what you do best in a product that makes sense.  If you're an IT company, you will lean towards USB drives, or if you're a restaurant, wine glasses might fit.  It's a matter of what works and will make you more memorable for each person who snags your promo product off the trade show table.

Every year, new promo products come out, and customers are clamoring to be the first to give them away.  There will always be the staple swag that everyone loves.  Who knows? Today, Millennials are leaning towards anything galaxy or rainbow colored.  As quickly as the Unicorn Frappuccino existed in our space, so could the next great promo product. 

There's no question corporate merchandise give your company an edge.  The better looking the promo product, the more likely your brand will continue to receive advertising.  Women are more likely to sport bags while men opt for apparel.  Providing useful trade show promos will guarantee that people will use for years to come. Business cards are essential, but when you add a pen or a notepad, you create a memorable experience.

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