Why Your Business Should Use a Marketing Agency

Today, there are many independent-thinking entrepreneurs. We like to think we can do everything from the dreaming up of an idea to launching the idea all the way to selling it. It is natural, then, that many entrepreneurs are entrenched with DIY (Do-It-Yourself): an ethic which is defined as the self-sufficiency of accomplishing tasks without paid specialists.

As an entrepreneur who used to suffer from this precise affliction, I can attest to the fact that an individual can, with enough time and resourcefulness, seek out the knowledge required to complete any given task.

However, the challenge with this form of operation is there are many different creative elements such as writing, graphic design and web development that are needed to successfully carry out a marketing strategy in today’s fast-moving sales world. The learning curve for a busy entrepreneur with little experience is staggering, leaving the business owner with either a vastly incomplete marketing strategy missing key elements, such as blogging, social media marketing or a botchy site filled with ugly graphics or both.

In much the same way a general would never march his army out onto the battlefield and a football coach would never put his team onto the field without a strategy, so a business should never approach the marketplace without one, or without, as I will explain in this blog, a team who knows how to craft strategy.

The Top Six Reasons to Work with A Marketing Agency:

1.) They can create, expand, elevate or clarify your message utilizing the power of story.

A great marketing agency will help pull out, create, and elevate a message that will help the world understand and engage with your brand and your business. Yes, you can sell products and services without much story if you’re effective at sales or if a specific client need is overwhelming. However, if you are serious about creating a great brand, a highly profitable business, or an extraordinary product/service that meets the world’s needs in a compelling way, you’ve got to develop compelling stories in your marketing and sales processes. A great agency will help pull out your company’s best stories and help filter the stories that are less than compelling. Using great branding, client-attracting and beautiful design, and heart-throbbing mantras to communicate the story of your brand, a strategic marketing agency can become your right hand in growing your business.

2.) They increase your bandwidth, allowing you to do what you do best.

If I’m a business owner and what I do best is sales and drive sales, if I’m focusing on developing marketing, I’m wasting my time and energy. If I’m not agile enough to catch up or stay ahead like top online brands such as Amazon, Dell, Google and Zappos - who all try new dynamic approaches to gain and keep their online audiences, all of the energy I’m putting into marketing on my own is ineffective or straight-up useless. Allowing a skilled marketing team to come in and support your company with strategic branding and sales frees you as a business owner to be more creative and do more of what you enjoy, which by itself eventually feeds into the development of a much more prosperous business.

3.) They can amplify sales through lead generation.

If your message is clear and compelling, it’s simple to amplify lead generation and sales. Opportunities that were there all along while you unable to recognize them can be uncovered by the skilled eyes and ears hired to look out for your company’s marketing. No one is going to walk through your company’s front door and ask for whatever it is that you are selling unless they know who you are, what you do, and they have confidence that you can deliver on your promises. This requires active projection into the marketplace of your brand’s story, values, and identity in addition to marketing the forward-thinking meeting-of-needs that your services or products can provide.  In addition, your prospects will want to know how you are differentiated from your competitors. To get that entire package communicated, your company needs an effective, strategic, and well-executed marketing plan with the proper team to manage it.  Marketing is much more involved than simply hiring a sales team. In a sentence, it’s about generating leads that can be turned into sales.

4.) They create momentum.

So much of marketing relies on meticulous steps being put into action and perpetuated. Companies without a strategy don't have ways to achieve what they want in terms of gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones. And if you don't have many goals you likely won’t put enough resources into reaching them and neither will you through analytics evaluate whether you're achieving those goals. A marketing agency will help you put goals in place, use analytics in a highly practical way and achieve your goals, starting with the small ones, and quickly build momentum for your brand.

5.) They elevate your prestige, giving you and your brand an advantage by owning the mindset of the clients.

As a business owner it’s your job to create the best products or services within your ability. It’s the marketing agency’s job to know the mind of your consumer. With this includes the advantage of being steps ahead of the buying process, anticipating the needs of your consumers and providing exceptional, fan-worthy solutions. As a skilled marketing agency does this for your company, you and your brand rise from mediocre perception to being perceived as exceptional. Since the predominant part of branding and consequential buying decisions are based on perception, this puts your company in contact with top customer pools. For the brand who truly wishes to bring products of quality to to the world, for the company who strives to provide services with off-the-chart customer experiences, and for the business who wants to connect with their customer via a raving-fan emotional bond, your audience’s perception of your experiences or products needs to be elevated to a level of greatness and prestige, and this is something a strategic marketing agency can help you accomplish in spades.

6.) Better marketing and better branding advances team moral and engagement.

The heart of every business is the team working it. And while a team can be motivated with great speeches and perhaps even financial incentives, most teams are best motivated by having a common goal and by seeing results stemming directly from that goal. A great marketing agency can accomplish pulling your team together via feasible, achievable, reward-rich goals, relieving some of the pressure involved with requiring of your team skills not within their skill set, giving them a common objective to work towards, and causing massive results to flood in. Nothing can boost the moral and engagement of your team like seeing where you have come from, seeing the incredible vision of where you are headed and tasting the victory of success in little, and soon enough, big ways.

All of marketing is about crafting a strategy to tell your most compelling, heart-throbbing story; the story your company is most meant to tell. While businesses can exist without a team of experienced marketers, for the businesses who wish to thrive well into their aged years, bringing both prosperous and beloved products and services to the world, allowing the mastery of an expert marketing team to be the wind beneath your business’s wings is the single best decision you can make. For most businesses, it’s your make-it-or-break-it decision.

What is so much better than trying to do everything on your own? Opening yourself up to the idea that someone else can help you do it better. What is so much better than steering your company down a path without a plan and without a team to guide it? Bringing in a group who will make your goals their goals and give you tangible, momentous results. Results you can shout about. Results that will make you and your team want to jump up and dance.

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