How To Step Up Your Instagram Game: Video

Everyone knows Instagram as the photo-sharing social network. But Instagram has also been a video-sharing platform since June of 2013. Adding video proved so popular for Instagram, more than 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours.

And that was 2013.

It’s now 2017.

If you’re not posting videos on Instagram in addition to photos, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Instagram videos gives you another way to interact with your audience, and offers them another avenue for potentially increased engagement with your brand. Not to mention, with the recent addition of Instagram Stories and Live in the past year (a big part of what pushed Instagram over the threshold of 500 million users), there are even more chances (and expectations) of moving pictures in addition to pictures on the photo-sharing network

Here are some great ways to use video to bolster your Instagram feed and turn it into a destination for your audience.


Instagram released the standalone video app “Boomerang” in 2015. Instagram may have decided to make Boomerang spinoff app instead of part of it’s core feature set, but that doesn’t make Boomerang any less essential to Instagram.

If you aren’t familiar with Boomerang, the concept is simple (and you’ve probably seen the videos whether you realized it not). Boomerang is a video creation app that lets you record a single second of action. It then replays that one second over and over again. But, instead of playing the video on a simple loop, it plays forwards, then backwards, then forwards again, etc. It’s a simple gimmick, but an incredibly fun one, and people love it.


Time lapse videos used to require specialized equipment and tripods and a camera that went undisturbed for hours if not weeks. Now, thanks to another Instagram spinoff app, time lapse videos are easy to shoot and share using “Hyperlapse.” Hyperlapse shoots video like any other video recording app, but then allows you to increase the playback speed up to 12x faster than normal. Thanks to advanced image stabilization available in smartphones, the effect is similar to traditional time lapse videos. Even everyday motions can become absolutely mesmerizing using Hyperlapse.

Slow Motion

Most modern smartphones have a slow motion or “Slo-Mo” mode built right into the default camera app. Using slo-mo can create really compelling and dynamic videos, but you have to be careful to shoot the right subject matter. Generally speaking, bigger actions look better shot in slow motion. Someone nodding their head would be pretty boring in slo-mo. A skateboarder doing a kickflip on the other hand? That’s cool slo-mo.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a relatively new feature. Taking a cue from Snapchat, Instagram stories combine strings of photos and videos together to… well, tell a story. These stories disappear every 24 hours, and don’t have likes or comments attached to them. They are just a way to share little moments with your followers, keeping them entertained and engaged.

Branding videos have become an important aspect of the marketing industry. Let us help you step up your Instagram game to help promote your brand. Reach out to 10twelve.