Feedly Boards – A Great Addition For Content Curation

We’ve written before about Feedly, a popular RSS reader for both web and mobile, which also happens to be one of our favorite tools for researching and curating great content. Well, the folks over at Feedly seem to have gotten wind of the fact that its users are using it as more than just a way to keep up with their favorite news and blogs. This is a fact Feedly seems to have embraced wholeheartedly, as evidenced by a recent slew of features that they’ve added to their service which are geared toward businesses, teams, and individuals like us who love using Feedly for research. The latest such feature is what they call “boards.”

What are Boards?

As a concept, boards are not new, just new to Feedly. Even the name, “boards,” conjures up images of corkboards with pushpins or whiteboards with magnets, where one might have literally clipped an article out of a magazine with scissors and put it on display for later. Pinterest has built their entire business on this concept.

However, boards are a natural extension of Feedly’s already great services. Previously, Feedly’s organizational abilities were centered mostly around creating different categories of feeds for new articles as they came in. From there, you could email articles, share them on social media, or save them on a general “read later” bucket for stuff you wanted to hold onto.

Now, Feedly has thrown a giant bone to the content curators and researchers amongst their user-base (which I’d venture to guess is a lot of people), and given the ability to save articles to customized boards. You can save as many articles as you want to a board. You can even save articles to your boards from sites outside of your Feedly feeds by clicking on the Star-Plus icon within a board and pasting a custom URL.

All of this is 100% free and available for basic Feedly account holders, who get up to three boards. For many individual users, three boards and this level of functionality is probably sufficient. But the really good stuff comes in when you upgrade to a Pro or Team account.

Notes and Highlights

Paid account-holders can have an unlimited number of boards, and can take advantage of some really great additional features. For one, notes. In addition to saving articles, Pro and Team users can also add notes to their articles, giving them the ability to save their thoughts, commentary, a draft of a tweet you might use when sharing, a note to a fellow team member, and so on.

Along similar lines are highlights. If you come across a section of an article that you want to remember or you think perfecting encapsulates what the post is all about, simply right-click and highlight the section that you want to remember. Not only will this section get highlighted and stay highlighted, it will also replace the default article summary that appears under the headline within your boards.

Sharing and Integrations

If you’re working in a team and have a Teams account, you can share your boards with your team members and see each other’s notes and highlights. You can even tag specific team members within your notes. You can spread your board content beyond your team by using the Email Roundups feature to creat an email newsletter of all the articles you or your team have saved to a board. In this way, it becomes easy for a team to let the rest of their company know what they are working on.

Another long-time great feature of Feedly has been its ability to integrate with other services like Slack or Buffer. Fortunately, boards extend the functionality of integrations, too. For instance, if your Feedly Teams account is integrated with Slack, you can mention Slack team members or channels right in a note, and it will automatically generate a message which shares the article on the Slack channel or with the selected individuals. Another example, if you plan on sharing an article on social media and your Feedly account is integrated with Buffer, you can set up a board to automatically add articles to your Buffer queue.

Browser Extension

Feedly has made integrating boards into your daily workflow a pretty seamless experience by creating a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari which allows you to save any article you come across on the web to any one of your boards in just two clicks. The extension is quick and intuitive, with functionality that feels like it falls somewhere between the Pocket browser extension and the Evernote Web Clipper. They’ve also brought a similar functionality to mobile, giving you the ability to save articles through the “share” button or toolbar in your mobile browser.

If you are doing research, curating content to share, or even just want to keep track of great content that you come across when making your way through the internet, Feedly is now an even better option for keeping track of content than it already was thanks to the addition of boards. 10twelve can help your company out today on using Feedly boards!