7 Free Shopify Tools to Help Your Business

By now, you probably know that Shopify is an amazing e-commerce platform with a wide range of apps that let you do everything from set up an online store on Facebook, to integrating with MailChimp so you can set up awesome e-mail marketing campaigns.

But there’s a lot more that Shopify offers that you might not be aware of, including a slew of tools and resources you can use to help run your business. The best part is – many of these tools are absolutely one hundred percent free.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Business Name Generator

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your new business or online store, Shopify has got you covered. Their business name generator uses a special algorithm to generate thousands of names for you to choose from or get inspired by. Simply plug in a word or series of words that you want to include in your business name, and Shopify will give you back a list of possible names with related words, along with an instant check that verifies that each name on the list is available as a .com domain. If you want to get more specific to your type of business, there are even specialized name generators for clothing stores, flower shops, furniture stores, boutiques, and more.

QR Code Generator

QR codes are those black and white boxes that look like square,  scrambled, pixelated barcodes. But these codes hold special information, and when you scan one with a smartphone camera (with the help of a QR code scanner app) it can do things like bring you to a specific website, bring up a phone number to call, an SMS message, or even just show a special snippet of text. There are all kinds of creative ways that businesses can use QR codes as part of their marketing efforts, from coupons and discounts to contact information and more. It’s not uncommon to find them on flyers, posters, or even business cards.

Gift Certificate Template

Want to give your customers a chance to spread the love for your shop by purchasing gift certificates? Shopify gives you an easy-to-use template that lets you upload your logo, fill in your company information and purchaser information, and Shopify will do the rest, instantly generating a printable gift certificate that you can send or hand to a customer.

Privacy Policy Generator

Many businesses and online stores have privacy policies that are posted somewhere on their site. These are a good idea to let customers know that you respect your customers’ personal information, and will help you build trust with your store’s visitors. If you don’t have a lawyer handy though, coming up with a privacy policy on your own can be a confusing and difficult task. So, Shopify has offered to take this task off your hands by generating a rock solid privacy policy for you. The also have similar generators for creating terms and conditions and refund policies.

Mockup Generator

Maybe you are selling t-shirts but haven’t had time to take great product photos yet. Or perhaps you’d like to see what your company logo would look like on a coffee mug. Or maybe a customer wants to know what the design for that hoodie you make would look like on a phone case. Shopify lets you create quick and easy mockups that you can show you what any of these products would look like. Simply upload an image to their mockup generator, then decided whether you want to make it, sell it, or change up the design. Choose from mockups for t-shirts, mugs, posters, phone cases, canvases, and hoodies.

Image Resizer

Need a quick and easy way to resize your product photos for your catalogue? Need to resize your logo so it fits right on your social media profile? Try out Shopify’s free image resizer, which can take up to six images at a time and resize them down to 480px x 480px, 240px x 240px, or 160px x 160px.

Profit Margin Calculator

Figuring out how to properly price your products is one of the most crucial steps in running any business, but it is especially important as an e-commerce startup, where you may have less wiggle-room to make mistakes. Shopify’s profit margin calculator is a fast and simple way figure out the right selling price for your products. Just enter in the cost that you pay for each item, then tell it what percentage markup you want to have. The profit margin calculator will then tell you what your sale price should be, how much profit you’ll make on each sale, and what your gross margin is. Using this tool can you make sure you know exactly what you are spending, and what you are getting back.

There are even more free tools on the Shopify tools page, just one of the many great resources that Shopify offers, and another reason that the best e-commerce platform just keeps getting better.

Many of our clients use Shopify, if you need help find the right tool for your company, we can help you. Contact us today!