Why You Should Hire a Squarespace Expert

We live in a digital, hyper-connected world. If your business doesn’t have an up-to-date, functional website, it is almost as if it doesn’t exist. In fact, there are now over 1.1 billion--and counting--websites online right now. Every second, more are added. Ten or more will have been created by the time you finish this sentence. The online revolution isn’t leveling off anytime soon either. According to a 2016 report, the number of global domain registrations has grown by 32.4 million or by 11% year over year.

Your website is one of the first places that people go to learn more about your business and its products or services. Users will form a first impression of your company based on your website experience. Furthermore, within just a few seconds, they’ll decide whether or not to do business with you based on that initial impression. For small businesses and large brands alike, it is critical to your bottom line to choose the right platform to build your website.

Deciding how you want to structure your company’s website and which platform you want to use takes serious consideration. You want an organized and responsive website with a solid foundation. It needs to have intuitive as well as appealing design and functionality that can grow along with your business. Plus, every business owner doesn’t have advanced tech or coding expertise, so creating one from scratch isn’t a viable option. This is why we recommend Squarespace to our clients. We’re very vocal about why we love Squarespace. It is the 10twelve website and content management system of choice for numerous reasons.

Squarespace Features and Benefits

Squarespace launched in 2004 with the vision to make the website building process for brands and business owners easier. It supports an array of features and creates beautiful, high-functioning websites for desktop and mobile usage. Some other key benefits of using the Squarespace platform include:

●      An extensive library of user-friendly templates

●      24/7 customer and tech support

●      Mobile-responsive design

●      Reliable platform and built-in plugins

●      Content-friendly system for blogging

●      Automatic updating when browsers like Google update

●      Social media integrations to generate traffic and engagement

●      Secure payment processing options

●      The ability to customize certain features to fit your business’ unique needs

It is clear to see why celebrities like John Malkovich and Tony Hawk to trendy startups like Lyft have used Squarespace to build their websites. As an all-in-one solution, the features available are incredibly impressive.

Although, depending on your business goals and level of customization, the process can get more technical. This is why we work with our clients to build high-performing, beautifully designed Squarespace sites that fit their company goals and vision. If you think that Squarespace is the website platform for your business, we recommend consulting with our team of experts at 10twelve to gain access to:

Sustainable, Professional Website Strategy

More user-friendly platforms may have made it so that you can spin up a website today, but that doesn’t mean you should. You wouldn’t buy or lease a retail space, throw some products on the shelves and open the doors for business in a span of just one or two days. You wouldn’t open a physical store location without doing some research and developing a strategy to build and maintain sales, would you? Hopefully not, if you did, your doors probably wouldn’t be open for long.

As more people browse, communicate and shop online, it is imperative that businesses develop digital strategies that include their website. Similar to brick-and-mortar operations, you need to create plans that will help make your business more successful and sustainable now and into the future. At 10twelve, we help our clients make strategic user experience and design choices that align with their overall goals.

Custom Templates Designed for Your Brand

Squarespace websites come with a library of design templates. If you don’t have any previous background in web design, however, it can be challenging to select the right template for your specific needs. You have to consider the functions as well as which design aesthetics and user workflow is the best fit for you. Working with an expert can help you not only select the right kind of template, but customize it so that it is unique to your company.

A well-designed website should have brand recognition. It should capture what sets your brand apart from everyone else. It should not be a carbon copy of thousands of other websites that happen to have the same template. Custom-designing a template can get tricky if you have no previous experience doing it, but it is one of our specialties.

Expert Knowledge of Features and Capabilities

Squarespace is fairly simple and intuitive to use, but mistakes are always possible, especially for first-time users. If you mess something up in the beginning it can be costly to fix, especially if you already started to grow a user base. You could lose customers due to poor site performance and user design and miss out on traffic if the right SEO elements are not in place.

It’s important to build your site on a strong foundation. Rather than try to go back and fix issues later on, hire an expert. You also get the benefit of their experience and knowledge with the platform. A well-versed Squarespace expert will know which features you need and which could improve your sales and help you reach other goals. They’ll be able to pick out features and capabilities that aren’t obvious to the novice Squarespace user.

Professional and Reliable Management

Websites require continuous management. You can’t simply put it online and forget about it for years. Glitches, downtime and other errors happen to even the most sophisticated and high-maintenance brands. It is preferential to build and routinely maintain your website so that those issues can be prevented first. However, when issues do arise, you’ll want to have professional support and backup.

Your website will be a key touch point for your customers. At 10twelve, we can help you create professional Squarespace websites that impress viewers and drive sales. Plus, if you decide you want additional help crafting content or website copy, our agency can help with that too. To view samples of our client work with the Squarespace platform or for more information, contact us at 10twelve today to learn more!