Engaging your audience through video

When it comes to engagement, visual content is better than simple text by just about every measure you can think of. Facebook posts containing images are twice as effective as text alone. When those images are moving (aka VIDEO), that effectiveness jumps to 12 times!

We see those kinds of results almost no matter where video shows up. In email, video can increase click-through rates 200-300%. When combined with full page ads, videos increase engagement 22%. 

So what does this all mean practically? Well, that somewhat depends on how we define engagement. Different companies will define it in different ways, including things like viewing, retention, sharing, and click-through. For our purposes, we’ll take a broad definition and include all of the above. 

And good news – getting in on all of this video engagement goodness is easier than you might think. Here are some tips on how you can video part of your content repertoire in the best possible way to maximize engagement.

Where To Put Video

Video can have a boosting effect in so many places. As mentioned above, social media posts, full page ads, and emails are just a few examples. Here are a few more.


Popping a video player onto your homepage is a great way to increase engagement with visitors to your website from the second they show up. Landing pages with video can increase conversion by over 800%. And sites with prominent video displayed keep 88% of visitors around for longer. 

Blog Posts

Using video along with blog posts will both increase the attractiveness of your posts, as well as add extra value to your content. Not only does that make your blog posts more attractive to visitors, it also is great for SEO.

Video Section

Having a “videos” section on your website can be a great “home base” for all of the video content you create. Users that like your videos consistently can check back for the latest, and it’s also a way to keep older videos relevant for longer. Plus, you’ll basically be creating your own little binge-watching space, where visitors can easily hop from video to video.

How To Make Video

There are lots of different methods and strategies you can use to create video, and depending the kind of company you are, your budget, your access to equipment and your technical expertise, the kinds of videos you are going to create can vary greatly. But no matter what kinds of videos you settle on, here are some tips on how to make them better all-around, and especially better for engagement.

Keep it Simple

Your audience’s attention span is going to be short, and that means your videos need to be short in length, and simple in concept. You can be creative, sure, but don’t ever let it get to the point of confusing. Easy to understand means easy to retain, and more likely to have the impact you are looking for.

Tell a Story

Stories are one of the most basic and fundamental tenets of human communication. We’ve literally been doing it since caveman times. You might not think of yourself as a storyteller, and that’s okay. But telling a story isn’t hard. Every story has three parts: beginning, middle, and end. Pull that off in your videos, and you are sure to make an impression

Be Organized

Don’t just hit record and post whatever you get. Create videos with a plan. Know what information you want to get across, and have an organized way that you are going to present that information. Even if you want to sound casual and off the cuff, having a script to use as a guideline (or as, you know, as script) is an absolute must. 

Be Helpful

While yes, your goal with these videos is to try and increase engagement, and yes, you are making these videos as part of a broader marketing strategy that involves a multi-pronged approach to content creation, your audience should never feel that way. Your audience should feel like your videos exist for one reason: them. You want to help them. You want to inspire them. You want to entertain them.

Keep Your Promise

You may not totally realize it, but when you start posting videos on your website or social media channels, you are making a promise to your audience. That promise is more videos. Once your audience views you as a creator of video content, they will continue to think of you that way. So, once you start – don’t stop. Try to put out videos at regular intervals so that they come to expect new content at certain times. Then once you’ve set that expectation, make sure you meet it.

Use High Quality

I mentioned earlier that budgets, equipment access, and technical expertise will vary amongst different people. But none of those things are an excuse for posting videos that have poor quality picture or audio. There is very little that is more distracting or more of a turn-off than videos of poor or sub-standard quality, and rather than increase engagement, this will almost certainly have the opposite effect. 

Be Human

Video is an incredibly personal medium. Whereas normally your audience might only hear your voice in the form of the text you generate on social media, or see your face in a headshot on an about page, video is an opportunity to show them more. Your audience will have the opportunity to see you in a new light, and see a different side to your company. Don’t be afraid to show it to them. The more you can seem human, the more you and your company will be relatable, thus creating a connection with your audience, thus increasing engagement.

I hope you’ve found these tips on increasing video engagement to be helpful. While video may seem like a lot of work, the number certainly back up the return on investment. So, if you can find a way to make it part of your content strategy, chance are you won’t regret it.

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