Ultimate Guide to Affordable Resources for Statistics

When it comes to content marketing, there is a 100 percent chance that you need statistics. Integrating statistics into your brand’s digital marketing efforts is a powerful way to lend your campaigns credibility and authority.

After all, consumers like evidence, and statistics are excellent way to include evidence in your campaign. For example, you might opt to add a graph in a blog or make infographics to share on social media. This allows your customers to more easily visualize a particular point that you are trying to make.

Searching the internet for credible statistics to integrate into your digital marketing content, including media kits, social media content, infographics, and eBooks, is often challenging.

Obviously, you need to use reliable sources, but you cannot go on a wild goose chase as this wastes time and resources. Fortunately, some great resources are available where you can find valuable statistics to enhance your content marketing material. If you are on the hunt for great resources regarding citations and statistics, be sure to keep the following in mind. 

1.     Statista- Statista offers statistics across a seemingly infinite number of industries and sectors, with much of it displayed in easy to read graphs or infographics. The strong point of the site is without a doubt the sheer breadth of information that it makes accessible. A significant amount of the site’s content can be accessed for free, which is great news for marketers on a tight budget. However, for those with more available finances, premium content can be accessed for a competitive price.

2.     Marketing Charts - Reportedly trusted by marketing professionals at companies like Accenture, Google Analytics, Pandora, PwC, LinkedIn, and IBM as well as journalists at leading publications, including the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters, Marketing Charts is an excellent source for marketing data, graphics, and analysis. The downside is that coverage is only provided for the marketing industry, although this does encompass both online and offline digital marketing. On a positive note, the content is pulled from the latest research reports and surveys. In addition to providing statistics, the site aims to present information in a format that is easy to understand and digest. While this resource is not free like some of the others provided on the list, it is affordable enough not to break the bank.

3.     CMO Council - If you are looking to bulk up your marketing content with authoritative statistics, look no further than the CMO council. The CMO represents an impressive 8,500 marketing and advertising executives worldwide, with a good chunk of them working at enterprise organizations. The CMO Council publishes a range of free research reports, many that focus specifically on digital advertising and mobile advertising. There is no question that these free reports are a goldmine of valuable information, including great statistics.

4.     The Content Marketing Institute - The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) produces a well-respected research report. It contains a trove of valuable information, including actionable insights, challenges and methodologies that are taking hold, strategies that have achieved the most success within the past year, and an inside look at what some of the most successful marketers are doing. The report is especially handy for those on the hunt for useful statistics, as it provides research and stats for both B2B and B2C marketers, as well as industry-specific information.

5.     Marketing Sherpa - Marketing Sherpa is yet another great source for statistics. This research firm specifically provides research and analysis for the marketing industry. It produces a range of free reports that cover a variety of topics, including email marketing, B2B, Inbound, B2C, e-commerce, CRO, and Lead Generation. These reports are great for finding statistics to integrate into your own content. Marketing Sherpa may even help you to refine your own content marketing strategy with valuable insights.

6.     Harvard Business Review - The Harvard Business Review does not necessarily provide statistics per se, but the site does offer a wealth of information. In fact, much of the content is grounded in scientific research. Reporting to the Harvard Business School, many of the articles cover timely and relevant topics, in addition to being loaded with data and statistics. Digging up review information is as straightforward as searching a site like Statista for stats. However, because of its sterling reputation and the breadth of topics that it covers, it should be considered a go-to source for every content marketer. The review covers a vast array of industries, including healthcare, food and beverage, financial services, real estate, pharmaceuticals, media, sports, telecommunications, retail and consumer goods, and much more. As a bonus, the articles on the website are free!

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to remember that while statistics can be a powerful addition to your marketing content, it is critical to ensure that you are using accurate statistics. It is worth noting that if you have doubts about the accuracy of a statistic and are unable to verify it, your best bet is to leave it out. If you use information that turns out to be false, it can seriously undermine your brand’s reputation and the trust of your customers. 

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