Strategy Behind Our Website Designing

Running a business is hard work. Can I get an amen? It shouldn’t be made harder by having to design a website, let alone strategize the marketing of that website.

If you’re like most business owners, you don’t know which shiny marketing agency you should start dishing out cash to. All you need is a website that works and a strategy to get customers there, but there aren’t very clear instructions on who to hire or who to avoid. Many agencies promise the world, and sadly, most of the time deliver much less.

At 10twelve, we do things differently.

What We Don’t Do

While other marketing agencies treat their clients like cookie-cut projects who all receive the same type of design and attention, when you come to us we treat you like the incredibly unique, nuanced business that you are.

We won’t be simply slapping pictures together, cranking out graphics and trying to generate a buck or two for you. We won’t charge you an arm and a leg while neglecting to take the time to dive into and discover what makes your business tick and what can make it even better.

What We Do: Deep Dive

We treat the designing of your website like strategic business because only strategic businesses succeed.

In seeking to make your choice to work with us the most seamless, profitable decision you have to make for your business, we’ve developed an effective system for strategizing your web design.

Business Segments

The first thing we’ll do as an agency is take a look at your segments of business. What avenues of revenue does your business present? Are there some you’re not currently aware of? Who are the key players in your business and are there any that you are missing in order to run efficiently and ultimately, to grow?

While other agencies are hung up on standard marketing protocols, we at 10twelve help business owners see golden opportunities they would otherwise be blind to.

History of Your Company

We’re going to ask you all sorts of questions, including where you have come from, what kind of sales success you have had up to this point, and what your development has looked like. Every business has a special journey and it’s helpful to look back into those patterns and paths that have brought the business to the place it’s at now. If we don’t know where you’ve come from, how can we guide you to the place you want to be?

Competitors and Differentiators

It’s during the designing stage that you need to be most aware of other businesses sharing your market space. Who are your competitors? Who could become a competitor? And what differentiates you from them?

Think about what makes Apple a bigger competitor than Samsung. Are you the Apple in your industry or are you Samsung? If you’re Samsung, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t have an edge in some way over Apple, you won’t survive.

Now is the time to analyze what your competitors are offering and what you can do to distinguish your business from them and offer consumers something better.

Customer Discovery

How does your customer perceive you? What is it that they desire? Where are they shopping online?

Getting into the mind of your customer is not a quick process. It takes layers and layers of filtering down the exact person your service or product is made for. Even though most people wear Nike shoes, Nike didn’t start off marketing to most people. Widespread success starts off with niche success.

Through our process, we help you unravel layers of potential customers and find the exact audience you need. Together we anticipate what your customer wants before they even ask for it. By doing this, we remain one step ahead of the game, ultimately benefiting your business on a much larger scale than just the profitability of your website.

Execution Strategy for Customer Targeting

Successful customer targeting is a bit of a science. Besides the foundational work of getting into your customer’s head, we use a combination of strategies in a way that maximizes their value.

    •      Facebook ads can provide much more value than most agencies realize. Extremely customizable, they can be used to convert to sales, increase your social media following, and drive traffic directly to your website.

    •      Content. This covers many different options and is fully customizable according to the products or services your business provides. Content can include valuable, information-rich blog posts, videos for your audience, and website copy written for and targeted towards your customer. Our objective is to create such amazing content that people tell their friends about it, sending more customers to your website as a side note. Good content marketing doesn’t sell, it spreads.

    •      SEO optimization. With our agency, your content will be saturated with popular keywords so it rises to the top of search engines. When your ideal customer searches for a product or service you provide, we intend for your business to be among the first businesses they see.

    •      Opt-in Email. A well-built email list is one of the strongest and most effective tactics in marketing. Sending out emails that announce new product releases, new service launches, limited-time sales or just updates remains an beneficial way to drive traffic and sales. 

    •      Image Naming. Images make an article more vivid and can actually contribute to improving the SEO for your articles. Besides triggering a visitor to read a post, an image that is surrounded by related text and named properly based on SEO criteria ranks better for the keyword it is optimized for.

    •      Marketplace gaps. It’s our job to look for missing pieces of the puzzle that is your business. Are there any niches in the marketplace you could be missing out on?

What We Provide: Longterm Value and Partnership

There’s an expression in the deep south that says, “He’s looking out for his own biscuit.” To those who are familiar with it, the saying is the equivalent of, “He’s looking out for number one.” In other words, this dude doesn’t give a crap about you.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our desire to make your business number one. More than just business accounts to us, we serve our clients on a deep level. We amplify the greatness of your business and partner with you long-term in making your small successes transform into magnificent ones.

While other agencies might offer shiny polish to design your website, we offer effective, proven nuts-and-bolts solutions to your website dilemmas. We’re fine with other agencies having the shiny polish, bells and whistles, because we’re the real deal. Contact us today for a free strategy session to discuss your business needs.