Demonstrating the Personality Behind Your Business

Have you ever visited a website or walked into a store that had no personality? Nothing stood out, nothing called out to you, nothing made you want to laugh, cry, or purchase it.

You probably don’t even remember the experience, because if the company had a strong personality - you would remember it. I call this personality voice. It would have engaged your emotions, and anything that engages your emotions triggers the part of your brain having to do with memory.

Code My Views posted a great blog about business personality and in it discusses these intricate traits to help you in creating your unique business personality:

    •      Formal or funny?

    •      Big or small?

    •      Boring or surprising?

    •      Reserved or outspoken?

    •      Stylish or classic?

    •      Premium or inexpensive?

    •      Masculine or feminine?

    •      Rigid or flexible?

    •      Young or mature?

    •      Charming or chummy?

I’ve compiled some hot, practical tips so you can get down into the nitty-gritty and and infuse your business with your chosen personality from the inside-out.

Storytell -

“The desire to be told a story never dies in the human heart.” - Mark Twain

What story does your business tell? And who are you telling it to? While using your key personality traits is the voice of your company, the story you tell is the language. Does your business tell the story of how to become the most technologically advanced consumer? Does it tell the story of how to fall and stay in love? Does it tell the story of how to make your grandparents happy with customizable keepsakes? Or how to feel sophisticated in the business world via the clothes you wear? In all of the ideas surrounding creating your business personality, story is king. Something to keep in mind would be the particular market you are speaking to. Something that is hilarious to twenty-something hipsters from Manhattan might be highly offensive to seventy-something grandmas from the midwest.

Videos -

Your consumer needs to put a face and attach a feeling to your company. Voice and story are especially king and queen here. Gone are the days of boring, information-rich videos. The prime information you want to get across to your consumer is that your company is fabulous and worth engaging with - even if only for the emotional reward! If your voice is entertaining and humorous, be funny and enlivening! Even in a video you can tell mini-stories that feed into your brand’s larger story. Engage your audience. If your videos are low-budget and simple, ask your audience questions and engage them.

Blog -

There are many reasons why blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business, but an often understated one has to do with personality. Use multiple team members to write them so your customers can hear multiple voices. Customers enjoy seeing company team members being fresh and authentic. Blogging gives you a chance to speak directly to your customer about whatever may be affecting their lives, whether it has much to do with your business, very little to do with it or nothing at all. It’s bonding glue between you and your consumer.

Be Responsive -

If you have an e-commerce business, reply to people promptly without just a generic auto-reply. It makes all the difference. To boost the personal touch, add a hand-written thank you with orders or offer gift-wrapping with the option of a custom message.

Engage on Social Media -

Whether this is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, (or perhaps a tasteful combination of all the above) studies continually show great responses when customers are able to engage with the businesses and brands they love. Reach out, ask questions, host giveaways, offer specials, take polls, make people laugh, tell stories and inspire. And don’t do this on a weekly schedule, do it on a daily.  Delight and engage your consumers with vivid personality and those emotions you evoke will become synonymous with the name of your company.

Show Off Your Team -

Collectively, your team makes your company. Its success is dependent on the success of each teammate, so don’t be afraid to let them have a spotlight.

“People do business with people, not companies. Humanize your brand by making your employees visible. Include staff photos on your website, blog and social media channels, and use them in your videos and marketing materials,” suggests Jason Robbins, CEO of ePromos Promotional Products. “Your brand personality naturally emerges when you bring your employees to the forefront.”

This reveals the importance of hiring not just for a resume but also for a cultural fit. Fill your business with people who will do justice to your brand’s personality and, in fact, enhance it.

Train Employees in the Mission of Your Company -

Why is this of utmost importance? If you’re the only one with a clarified grip on the mission of your company, the people who are the actual hands and feet of the business can unknowingly do a huge disservice to your brand. You want them to interact with your customer in a way that accurately represents your brand. This in turn helps them to be consistent with your customers over the phone or email and in person. Whatever your voice and story look like, they should be a part of each of team member’s vocabulary and mindset.

Developing the voice of your business personality is extremely important, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Think about how you interact in your social groups, among your friends and with your family. Consider the kind of effortless, humorous vibe you give off when in a comfortable setting. These are the feelings and the kind of interaction your customers crave. 

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