2018 Marketing Trends

Technology, rules, and strategies are rapidly changing. These changes will have a huge impact on how your organization is communicating, evolving, and innovating. Below are some emerging trends that are going to boost your approach to developing a strong strategy for 2018. 

1.     Self-Driving Cars, An Endless Road to New Opportunity

As we begin to see more and more self-driving cars on the road this will open up a new opportunity for drivers and an idle commute. In- car advertisements will become a new channel to market across Some of our favorite luxury car brands already have models that have self-driving capabilities. Additionally, Waymo, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company has already developed self-driving programs and have already covered over 4 million miles across urban areas in the Southwest. The opportunity for marketers will be developing new and engaging content for passengers.

2.     AI & Chat Bots

Consumer preferences have shifted from chatting on the phone or email and transitioned to texting and messaging. Technology has evolved to keep up with these changes in preferred communication. Software companies have utilized AI to create chat bots to improve customer communication, satisfy consumer demand, and tracking user data. Although chat bots are not new, their capabilities and technology continues to significantly improve, offering marketers a significant advantage to their competitors.

3.     Instagram’s User Base is Rapidly Increasing

This past year we watched Instagram completely dominate Snapchat when they added the story feature along with filter options. Given that 20% of our brain is meant for visual processing, we generally tend to see stronger engagement on Instagram compared to its social competitors. Instagram is now in a position to dominate in ad spend and a preferred social channel for marketers depending upon the industry.

4.     The Use of Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing has been on the rise due to the popularity of blogs, Instagram, and YouTube. As the influencer market has become saturated due to the increase in influencers and losing credibility based upon the frequency of sponsored advertisements. Marketers have shifted their attention to influencers who have an audience size ranging between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Micro-influencers share that although their follower size is smaller, they demonstrate more brand loyalty, trustworthiness to advertisements, and tend to have more authentic engagement.

5.     Producing Tailored Content Through Branded Blogs

Every year brands are creating innovative ways to increase awareness and acquire new customers. Brands publishing their own blogs is a great way to engage with customers by providing value all while building out new SEO opportunities. Marketers are using branded blogs to push out new product launches, industry trends, and customer interactions in hopes of adding to their brand’s mission to deliver value.

6.     Live Streaming

Videos continue to rule the social media world. A staggering one-third of online activity is spent watching video. People are spending as much as 3x longer viewing a live stream compared to prerecorded uploaded videos. We anticipate for social platforms to continue improving live streaming features in 2018.

7.     Augmented Reality

Snapchat recently launched an augmented reality developer platform, Lens Studio. This new tool allows anyone to create interactive, imaginary 3D objects that can be used in your photos and videos. We expect more brands to begin utilizing AR and VR despite the current challenge of catering to a large audience who may not have viewing capabilities at this point in time.

8.     Personalization and Authenticity is Key

Account Based Marketing (ABM) was once an expensive and time-consuming tool. Thanks to technology advancements many B2B are focusing their efforts on implemented ABM into their strategy. By utilizing ABM platforms organizations are able to target their content to their customers.

9.     LinkedIn Advertisements

In 2017, LinkedIn made a number of updates to their platform. Specifically, their ad platform. One of their newest features is InMail Analytics which allows marketers to monitor and react to their ad performance. We are seeing more and more professional influencers and marketers maximize the new updates to their benefit.

10.  Growth Hacking

Growth hacking has become the MVP of marketing. SEO remains one of the leading strategies to growth hack because you are able to better reach consumers who are already searching for your product or service. Growth hacking allows marketers to test different ads, verbiage, content, A/B website testing, etc. in order to meet your audiences needs and attract new leads.

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