Tips for Staying Organized and Focused in 2017

Did you know that most people have already slacked up on their New Year’s resolution? In fact, only 8% of Americans will even achieve their goals this year.

If you stop hitting the gym you might gain few extra pounds, but if you slack up on your goals in business, you could lose clients, a competitive advantage and incredible team members.

In this blog are some of the best ways to combine tech-savvy aids with helpful, age-old organizational tips to stay on top of your game and achieve the goals you’ve set for 2017. Let’s begin.

Take It to the Board!

It’s no accident that vision boarding has become such a popular method for streamlining your vision and keeping the focus of your objectives in clear sight.

More than just a trend however, many successful organizations in the world hold annual Vision Board Days for all team members to gather for talking about their year’s goals and pin tangible clips of them.

Want a focused, organized organization? If the team members in your organization are focused on their individual goals, you’ll have an organization that is more focused and prepared to tackle its business objectives.

Streamline Team Communication

Whether your team works remotely or together in an office space, having a way to organize projects and communication, simply put, makes life a hell of a lot simpler, and your business goals much more seamless to reach.


Slack is an organized way of streamlining communication that needs to be responded to quickly within your team.  It can rapidly become overwhelming to keep track of email threads, Skype conversations, text messages, and other places in which your team talks with each other, am I right? Slack communications happen in just one place and can be segmented by creating channels for various topics. You can then assign your users (team members) to as many channels as you need.


Evernote was brought into usable light for its way of organizing personal life, but the ways it can be used to organize business are numerous as well.

You can create a notebook for each of your clients, then save PDFs, documents, notes from client conversations, etc., to special client notebooks and tag them accordingly. You can also go paperless with Shoeboxed for sending paper bills and receipts to your Evernote account and check out the Evernote Trunk for scanners like Doxie that integrate seamlessly with Evernote and let you scan multiple pages at a time, even on the go.

Create a shared notebook for business success and marketing by adding FAQs for customers, company news and announcements, photos or Web clips that speak to your company goals. Tell your clients and friends to ‘join’ the notebook from their accounts for quick and immediate access to your content. You can also share individual notes from your account using Twitter, Facebook or email. Lastly, create a notebook with press resources including CEO/team headshots, resumes/CVs, business presentations, and press releases. You can make this notebook public and share with clients and/or potential clients using a public link.

Remove Clutter

Channel your inner minimalist and clear your workspace from anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy.

Instead of looking at getting rid of stuff like a chore, look at it as making way for better things and more creativity. I know that my creativity is significantly messed with when I am in a cluttered area. It’s like my headspace becomes cluttered, too.

Among our personal and business possessions, many of the things we own hold an emotional charge. People often avoid making decisions about these things because they feel guilty for letting them go. Much of the process of decluttering is letting go of the things that happened in the past. The clutter in our lives is stagnant energy and if we don’t remove that clutter it will be very hard for us to move forward in business and in our lives.

For example:

            •          Recycle the broken electronics you may have stashed in a closet.

            •          Delete all those old voice messages.

            •          Donate anything you don’t need or use.

            •          Keep the basics and anything you’ve used in the past year; all else can go.

            •          Clean, organize and purge your desk

            •          Update your files and replace all torn files. Buy new files, in different colors, and organize them by color: green for financial papers, purple for clients and so on. Be sure to label all the files, and then organize them alphabetically within each color scheme.

Tip: never, ever put the word "Misc" on any file. Once you file it, you'll forget what you put in it. If you can say out loud what the file is, you have your label.

Get an Expense Tracker

Ever had a stressful moment or a disagreement among your team over business expenses? So have the rest of us.

Say hello to -  a brilliant way of tracking expenses so that you don’t need to remember to reimburse your team or remind them to keep receipts. While competitors have cheaper pricing, Concur Expense offers a tremendous value proposition. Concur is a powerful, mature tool for expense reporting. It enables paperless processing, matching with e-receipts, automated imports of credit card charges, and intelligent auditing. User-configurable business rules support differentiated policy enforcement. It comes with mobile apps and supports multi-currency, VAT reclaim, and identification of duplicate expenses. Managers have complete, online visibility into expense reports and receipts. They OEM a powerful BI tool for reporting and analysis.

In conclusion, finding whatever ways work for you and your business to stay organized and focused is essential to ensuring that you actually get somewhere this year, and that you don’t join the 92% of Americans who won’t be checking off any boxes. 

Need help deciding on a new direction for your business in 2017 that will lead you to growth? Contact 10twelve today!