The Squarespace Pacific Website Template

We may have mentioned it a few times, but we are huge fans of Squarespace! We believe in the stability of the company and it’s platform. We appreciate the site options that allow us to create awesome websites for our clients. We love that once we set you up with your strategic, user-friendly, responsive new website you will be able to make basic edits on your own if you choose to.

The Pacific template is a member of the same family as the Bryler, Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, and Naomi templates. Squarespace’s template families mean that you can expect templates within the same family to share much of the same structure and functionality.

The Pacific template features a scrolling index page with full-bleed images. Take this visually appealing format that mixes prominent imagery with text on banner images and places paragraphs between images and walk people through a cohesive story of your brand. This template helps convey a large amount of information in a way that doesn’t get boring by rotation between big, bold beautiful images and related content. Use banner images to break up sections of text where it makes sense to break up different categories or types of information. There is also the option to stack banner images one on top of the other for those who want to display click-through options more visually, rather than using text.

Like with many Squarespace templates, the Pacific template has the ability to display full-width banner images or videos behind text on the index page as well as banners on the top of any of your other pages. This template also has the ability to lock your navigation so as your site viewer’s scroll down your extended home page, the navigation can always appear. This helps visitors easily navigate from page to page regardless of where they are at on the site.

There are many options for fonts, colors, element sizing and more customizable styling options. Tweak the background color in the header and the font style and the color of your main navigation. Your site’s navigation banner can also be made transparent, so your text appears right over banner images vs. resting on a solid colored banner. You can set your site’s navigation to always appear under the logo and site title, or to evenly split on each side of them. You can also have a secondary navigation in the footer at the bottom of each of your site’s pages. This is great for those who want to display a lot of information but make sure that the top navigation doesn’t get to cumbersome and cluttered. This template also has the option for custom pre-footers to display additional page links.

Another navigation option this template boasts, category navigation, is great for ecommerce sites on product pages or on blog pages. These links help site viewers easily sort and navigate between different posts or product categories. Anything you can do to make it easier for your customer's to find exactly what they are looking for, you should do. 

The Pacific Squarespace template is great for restaurants, ecommerce shops, professional bloggers and many more! Add menu items with ease. Easily update your blog to help step up your SEO game. Custom galleries can be added with just a few clicks or engage people by embedding a video amidst your text. Like all Squarespace websites, the Pacific template is a great foundation for a responsive website that will have a great viewing experience regardless of the device it is being viewed on. View more information on the various Squarespace website templates here or contact us to discuss what template is right for you!