New Squarespace Templates- Part 2

We love Squarespace for its ease-of-use, wide feature-set, and for the ability to quickly build and maintain websites and update content. But none of those great features would mean a heck of a lot if Squarespace templates weren’t also beautifully designed. Thankfully, they are.

Squarespace does a great job of keeping their template offerings fresh and up-to-date. Recently, they released a handful of new template designs tailored specifically toward certain kinds of businesses and professionals. Here are the new offerings focused on Hospitality, Fitness, Restaurants and Creatives. Here’s what’s great and unique about them:


Artesia’s animations and visual effects like fade-in and slide-up bring your beautiful images to life, and bring your customers into the fold. Built especially for hospitality and travel businesses, the landing page keeps it simple, using a white-space navigation banner that flows directly into a border around your images to make your customers feel like they are floating through a well-curated magazine or art gallery.

Artesia is all about drawing your customers deeper and deeper into your businesses website, providing to more to explore as they scroll through the home page. There are a variety of ways to present your content, whether it’s through image grids, or special project pages that allow alternating text and image combinations. Browsing through an Artesia website feels less like digging for information on the internet, and more like an engaging story unfolding before your customers’ eyes.


Perfect for health and fitness related businesses like gyms or trainers, Height combines bold images and typography with smooth and engaging 3D scrolling effects. This template’s versatility even allows for a long-scrolling homepage for those inclined toward a single-page design. You can do this by designing to a single page, or by stitching multiple pages together into one seamless scrolling experience. This is an especially useful feature for the mobile experience, where scrolling is often preferable to traditional forms of site navigation.

One of the things that makes Heights stand out is the customizable online store. The store gives you the ability to sell products or services individually or in packages, and to highlight each with it’s own striking image, product information page and ability to share each product or service on social media.


Motto provides a unique, fun template for a restaurant, food truck or any other kind of culinary establishment. It’s undeniably simple, but don’t mistake the simplicity for lacking in either design or functionality. It’s unique layout gives a fresh look and feel, even if your website is lacking in images. And the Menu Block feature makes it easy to create original customized menus.

The text layouts are dynamic, which means they automatically adjust to screen size and display perfectly on mobile, and a large selection of modern fonts, borders and other customizations makes the Motto template the perfect start for your restaurant website.


The Jasper template is built from the ground up for design professionals and companies. The homepage brings you right up onto a grid-style portfolio that showcases project images, with the project title being displayed on hover, and a click bringing the user to a uniquely designed project page. The project pages don’t just provide information, they tell the story of each project through a combination of titles, captions, images and engaging visual effects. An array of crisp fonts display dynamically, and like all Squarespace templates, it looks perfect on any mobile platform.

If you missed our recent post about the other new Squarespace website templates, check it out here. We're here to help. If we can help with a new website build for your start up or existing business, contact us.