New Squarespace Templates- Part 1

Squarespace is one of the most versatile, accessible and beautiful website building platforms around. Not only is it great for creating amazing-looking and brilliantly functioning websites, it also makes updating, posting content and website maintenance simple.

But one of the things we love most about Squarespace is that they are constantly updating their services and offerings, striving to do better for their customers. And one of the ways they do this is by periodically introducing new templates to their already impressive collection. Here are a few of the templates they introduced recently which are geared specifically towards business and professional services, along with what we love about each of them.


Billed as a business website template for a professional service company, such as a law firm, the Harris template truly shines for those who need a text-heavy bent for their site. But just because text is the main focus of the Harris template, doesn’t meant that it’s willing to give up any points on design or style. Harris pushes back against the idea that great design requires bold images or bright colors. While those elements might be right for some, Harris presents a clean, smooth, minimalistic layout that feels classy, professional and stylish all at the same time.

With multiple navigation areas, customers will find it easy and intuitive to get from page to page. And flexible grid and column layouts provide ample space to tell your clients what they want to know about you, and provide them with the information they need to move forward with your business, and easy ways to get in touch. Form blocks give your clients a place to provide you with information, which can be sent directly to an email address of your choice, or filtered into other storage options.

Minimalistic design and a focus on text still allows for loads of flexibility in fitting the mood and tone of your company, with plenty of options for elegant fonts and layouts to create the perfect website for your professional business.


Keene offers a different take on a professional service website. With a bold image providing the background for the homepage and design options that allow for a variety of content types such as text, video, images, audio, etc., Keene mixes a professional look and feel with engaging visuals. This template also has an interactive feel, with a big, inviting home page navigation, as well as a search box to help your customers find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Keene also provides flexible appearance options for mobile viewing, so you can be in control of your customers’ experience whether they are on a smartphone, tablet, or even a phablet (that’s the word for the really big smart phones, right?)


With Hatch, visuals take the center stage. Businesses that want to bring their images and videos to the forefront and present them to their customers in a unique and breathtaking way will love this template. It somehow manages to be bold without being too flashy or gaudy. The design lets the images to the work in a sophisticated manner, but the typography steps up to match the boldness of the images and creates a clean and modern look overall.

If the presentation of the images themselves aren’t enough to hook your clients, the 3D scrolling effects will definitely grab them. Watching one image slide into the next as you move down the page is absolutely mesmerizing. The dynamic gallery grid provides another way to show off your visual content, and to link to multiple project pages. And embeddable Google maps and a newsletter block mean you have as many ways as you need to provide clients with the information they require.

Check back for our upcoming post about the remaining new templates and more information about Squarespace and website design best practices. If you need help with a strategic, user-friendly, responsive new site design that presents your brand well, contact us today!