10 AWESOME things about Squarespace

Understanding Squarespace. Squarespace is a platform for website creation and hosting designed to be managed by the individual, small business, big business or a web developer who wants custom coding. It is a versatile platform for building your online presence and controlling your user experience

Responsive design. When looking at a Squarespace website with tablets and smartphones, the website will respond to the different sizes of devices you may be viewing on. All of the Squarespace Templates are responsive in design and will fit with any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Connecting with socials. Squarespace is compatible with most social media platforms as it lets you place a like, pin or share button anywhere on the page. You can even schedule status updates that will alert users to fresh content recently posted on your blog.

Analyze your web traffic. Squarespace helps you grow your network and expand your reach by analyzing how users interact with your website, SEO, keywords, mobile-friendly content and videos.

Sharing products and services. Squarespace was designed with the small business owner in mind. By uploading images and creating galleries, products and services can be showcased through the website beautifully.

Getting Paid. To help business owners and independent artists get paid, Squarespace works with Stripe. This makes it easy for you to accept payments directly from your website to your bank account integrating the Stripe payment system.

Empowering your brand. Optimize your brand by building a customized website with Squarespace. From website templates to personalized domain names, Squarespace gives you the power to choose what your branded website looks, feels and navigates like.

Integrating Google. A Squarespace website works alongside Google Apps to provide easier access and a complete set of webmaster tools.

Eliminating unnecessary cost. Squarespace is a solid, robust platform designed to be sustainable and help your business grow. Build your website once, build it right and you will have a content management system that will allow updates and changes to keep your system fresh. One of the best benefits, Squarespace will manage any coding changes that Google or other search engines throw at you.

Automatic Redirects. If you have multiple websites with different domains, Squarespace can redirect your users and more importantly, search engines to your primary page based on the re-directs you input.