The Squarespace Shibori Website Template

Is your website out of date? Are the graphics or layout making it hard to navigate and not representing your brand in the compelling, professional manner it deserves? Do you need help building a new website that is responsive, so that the viewing experience will be strong regardless of the device that it is being browsed on? All of these things (and more) matter to the overall presentation of your business. Don't send people away with a poor initial impression. That is where 10twelve and the Squarespace platform come in. We utilize the strength of the Squarespace website platform, combined with our SEO knowledge, design experience and business strategy expertise to create your new kick*ss company website.

Squarespace offers a number of template options based on preferred experience, features and business type and new ones are coming out frequently. We use these as a basic framework and then tailor them to your specific needs. Today, let's focus on one of the newer templates from Squarespace, Shibori. The Squarespace Shibori website template is a member of the York template family. Other members of the York template family are Artesia, Harris, Lange and Jasper. Squarespace templates that are members of the same family share the same basic overall structure.

Squarespace is known for the ability to showcase big, beautiful, bold imagery as well as create custom galleries and blog layouts to highlight your product, service or talent. Like many other Squarespace website templates the Shibori and all other members of the York template family are idea for creative types looking to represent information in a very visual way. Check out Joey's photography site using Shibori here. Joey does A LOT of photography and loves the Squarespace Shibori Template for his portfolio.

As a portfolio centered web template, Shibori and other York templates, are designed to showcase work from photographers, design agencies, artists, bloggers and other creative professionals. With the regular styling capabilities that Squarespace offers, paired with the stacked navigation Index landing page and unique Project Page layouts, Shibori gives you the ability to display your work in a unique and compelling manner.

Use the project page to display images, section titles and calls to action in an attention grabbing and professional layout. With the ability to create an index page with clean and concise clickable banner, your users will be able to easily navigate to information most relevant to them.

With the Shibori and other York templates there is the ability to create special animations, such as your website’s content sliding upward on scroll and various fade-in/out features as your graphic banners load.

Responsiveness matters for the user-experience on various devices and browsers. This is becoming increasingly important. The Shibori and other members of the Squarespace York template family offer font scaling effects. You can set parameters to control the size of certain fonts throughout your website when it comes to mobile browsing experience. The Shibori Squarespace template offers the ability to showcase your content with compelling banners and customizable header display areas throughout your company website. 

Contact us if you would like to talk through ideal templates for your business or to strategize about a new website build.