Seeing through the eyes of a Search Engine

What do search engines see when they look at your page?

They see your text content on your site, image names and links both internally and externally on your website. By appealing to search engines, your content will score higher search rankings and appear to more users as they search for the content you are showing the online world.

Think of keywords like you think of Netflix. They’re popular, they appear often and they’re understood by all. By creating content with popular keywords, search engines are more likely to recognize your content and show it to someone who searched those exact terms or close to it.

String your keywords together to create one or two phrases. Key phrases are more likely to be searched by a user rather than a single word. If possible, place the key phrases in the title of your content or near the top of your page.

Creating original content
The content you create is almost as valuable as the keywords you include. To make sure your content is effective, write each blog post with a minimum of 1200 words. The average user only spends .5 second looking at each webpage, so make sure your content has a catchy headline and is written clear and concisely. Having content on your page will help the search engine identify what your page is about.

Embedding links
Links help search engines find other pages in your website. They also give your site credibility by linking to well-known sources and popular opinions. You need to embed links in your page that come from your own content, but also the content of others.

Site navigation

The navigation of your site needs to align with the mind of a search engine. A complicated navigation structure or one created by JavaScript may not be recognized by search engines. To make the site easy to navigate, add your navigation buttons at the top or the bottom of the page. Include keywords in these navigation buttons to make sure they are picked up by search engines.

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