The Power of Collaboration

In a world of digital interaction, the ability to collaborate has never been stronger. Yet, many of us fail to engage our friends, peers or other professionals and utilize the strengths that we all retain as individuals. The sum of the parts is greater than the individual. We buy into this theory and believe strength comes from a team of focused individuals. Here are a few more reasons why we strongly believe in collaboration.


As individuals, with our own opinions and personal perspective on each and every situation we encounter, we tend to form a set of guidelines that councils our decisions. Whether you are selling a product, offering a service or providing a solution to a problem, perspective matters in help determining decisions. It is the sum of all views that help facilitate different views on how to package a product, how to market a service or how to engage the consumer. Collaboration offers the ability to gain insight, knowledge and varying views you may not have thought about or discovered on your own. This doesn’t mean what everyone else thinks or says is gospel; it simply gives you more data to make the right decision that is in the best interest of your customer and your business. Perspective is insight. Utilize these insights to help grow your business and better serve your customer.

At our company, 10twelve Creative Agency, perspective plays a HUGE roll in the user experience arena. When we design and develop a website, script and produce a brand video or design a marketing piece, we rely on not only our client’s perspective but each of our team members point of view. All of us engage differently. When we can attain valuable input and arrive at solutions that work for the end user and accomplish what client’s may be looking for, that is collaboration at work.


As the old saying goes, “we are the sum of our experiences”. We believe, there is much truth in this. Working with a group, immediately lends real-life experiences you would not have alone. In a collaborative environment, whatever you may be doing, experience brings information, insight and validity. All of this matters in your business. Both for you and your end-user.

We have had the privilege of 25+ years of starting companies from scratch. We have made a lot of mistakes. We have had a lot of successes. It it we’re not for the mistakes, we would have never had the successes. Everything we do is a learning experience. Right or wrong, something can always be learned. This experience is price-less. If you can get a room together with five different business owners, they will each have a unique set of experience that will all lend them to make different decisions than the next one. The value of the information from one person, let alone five people is huge. Collaborate. Go get that experience you may have never had.

Emotional Equity

This is a great term. Most may not know what it means. It means be invested. Collaboration breeds emotional equity. There is no stronger feeling on a team than knowing you and your peers are all equally invested and care. Being emotionally invested in a project, a company, a team or whatever fosters collaboration and relationship building which leads to a solid outcome. People can easily decide whether you are “all in” to something or not. Be vested. Make the choice and you will see the results in yourself and your team.


When you collaborate, you open a new door to opportunities, professional growth, friendships and start to develop a new network you may have never had otherwise. Remember, its people that build the business. Go meet the people. Now build the business.


Collaboration is an incredibly powerful tool. Over the past 5 years, more and more co-working spaces have been developed in start-up communities and major cities throughout the world. While co-working spaces bring down the cost of having a place to work, and replace your perhaps empty office, they tend to foster collaboration. People meet, they are interested in what others are doing and tend to help one another. In our mind, that’s the way it should be. We are all in this world together. Why not collaborate?

If we can collaborate with you on your project, please reach out. Contact us to connect.