Building your brand with Squarespace

Building your brand is hard. Choosing the right web platform to build, manage and showcase your brand is harder. We at 10twelve use Squarespace as we believe content management systems should be simple and support your brand. They should allow you to customize your website with a user-friendly interface that’s organized and appealing to a mobile audience. By utilizing Squarespace, 10twelve builds brands while giving those brand-owners control.

Squarespace was founded on a need for user-friendly customization, making it ideal for personal use or small businesses that want to grow. By designing a website with purpose, Squarespace can generate leads, share information and boost your sales.

Benefits of Squarespace:

  • Platform and built in plug-ins are extremely stable and reliable
  • User-friendly templates can be customized to fit most businesses
  • Website templates automatically updated and maintained
  • Incredible tech support
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design
  • Great platform for blogging
  • Gorgeous gallery features for imagery
  • Excellent music/audio integrations

Establishing a visual brand

You can establish your brand on Squarespace through user-friendly templates, bold color choices and stunning imagery. By customizing your website, you define and build your brand. In turn, you target a specific audience that your products or services appeal to. 

Squarespace doesn’t forget about your socials, either. This platform allows you to link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or most other accounts your company might engage with. By promoting your socials, you can generate traffic and continue to drive brand awareness while also increasing sales of your product or service.

Creating a call to action

A call to action is what motivates the website user to get up, get out and do something. It’s the most important part of your site, but in 2013 Small Biz Trends reported that 70 percent of small business websites do not have a call to action located on their page. If that’s you…business is being lost.

Squarespace can help by making it easy to ask your users to subscribe to a newsletter, promote one-time-only offers, or view videos of the products or services provided by your company. By creating an effective call to action through your website, users will be more inclined to share your information through their social networks.

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