Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Startups

In case you hadn’t noticed, podcasts are blowing up right now. This unique form of on-demand audio content has taken off in recent years as the ability for people to produce podcasts has gotten easier and more accessible, and the overall quality of podcasts has gone way up. Shows like Serial proved to the world that podcasts could be a cultural phenomenon as big as any TV show or movie, and everyone from college kids in the dorm rooms to major media outlets are getting in on the game.

One of the great things about podcasts and the role that they are currently playing in our media landscape, is that they can be simultaneously informative and entertaining while serving a relatively small audience. Meaning that if you have what might have previously been considered a “niche” interest being underserved by traditional media, like starting a business for instance, you can now turn to podcasts for your specific kind of fun, information and advice.

Whether you listen in your car, while you work out, or for something to occupy your mind while doing the dishes, here are a few of our favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs and startups to check out:


Created by public radio veteran Alex Blumberg (you may recognize his voice from This American Life and Planet Money), Startup brings you behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s like to start a business. The first season is hosted by Blumberg, as he chronicles his own journey to start the company now known as Gimlet Media.


Andrew Warner’s interview show has amassed quite the catalog of information and advice over the course of its existence. With over 1300 interviews in the books, Mixergy is an incredible resource for finding out what worked and didn’t from the founders of companies small and large. Guests have included Drew Houston of Dropbox, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit, and Andrew Mason of Groupon, to name a few.


A show about startups from an actual seed investment firm? Sign me up. Traction, produced by NextView Ventures, tells real-life stories of the weird, creative and borderline insane things that entrepreneurs do in the early days of their companies in order to grow.

The Pitch

Like Shark Tank, but with less drama. And less Mark Cuban. The Pitch brings in a new startup founder every episode, to pitch a live panel of investors, who ask tough questions in order to determine whether or not they will invest. But unlike Shark Tank, The Pitch goes behind-the-scenes with the investors to get their stories, and tell the “why”, not just the “what.”

Planet Money

Launched as a spinoff to a 2008 This American Life episode entitled, “The Giant Pool of Money”, where a deep, yet somehow accessible, dive was taken into the subprime mortgage crisis, Planet Money is still churning out great episodes. Their mission is to demystify and tell great stories about some of the most confounding aspects of business and the economy. Recently, they did a series of episodes where they actually went and purchased crude oil.

These are all podcasts we listen to. We have a soft spot for start-up businesses and want to help you get your business started on the right foot. Let's get started launching and growing your business.