Learning About Your Customers Through Newsletter Marketing

You work hard at growing your subscriber lists. Okay, they’re here! Now what are you going to do with them?!

Similar to your website traffic analytics, you can learn a lot from keeping a close eye on your email marketing efforts. Email marketing can help you communicate with and advertise specials and important messaging to your customers. Beyond that, it can help you better identify your audience, determine what messaging is effective and help you push forward with the right marketing strategy.

As more and more customers join your list, they become one of your most valuable resources to gain insights into your buyer personas. With some of the most popular email newsletter companies (we love Mailchimp) there is a wealth of great information you can read from their reports. You can create custom forms to collect everything from email, addresses, phone numbers, ages and other important demographics and preferences. One of the most important points of info is their signup method and location. Understanding how your customers found you is crucial to better target them in the future and give you a better idea of where to focus your marketing and advertising efforts.

Let’s say that you find that many of your newsletter subscribers are coming from a specific landing page, promotion or page on your website. Maybe they are coming from a certain social media platform. Wherever it is, you may want to shift more focus towards connecting with customers via those strategies you are finding success with. Many email platforms, like Mailchimp, allow you to segment people in groups based on where they have come from. You can send different messages to those that have purchased vs. those who have yet to purchase.

You can try creating newsletter signup forms in various locations of your website, social platforms or other media channels and this will allow you to see where your subscribers are coming from. What is peaking their interest and drawing them in might surprise you. This data is being collected for a reason and is a valuable value add that these companies are providing. Don't skimp on your time analyzing this data to gain further insight into your customer. Make sure you are thinking about ways to interpret this information and apply it to bring your business further success. This may require some help from a trusted marketing team. Most good email platforms also allow you to set up specialized abandoned cart or custom messaging to compel those who weren’t initially sold on your product to be drawn back in.

One of the coolest things about some of the more popular email platforms, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, is the information that you can garner about results of specific campaigns. You can get a lot of information from these reports. Learn more about click through rate, opens and other essential metrics. If you find that your customers aren’t engaging in your campaigns then you are wasting your time. You need to use data like this to hone in on data that your customer seems to find interesting and then tailor your marketing strategies around this invaluable information.

Every little peak and valley in results does not need to send you into mourning or celebration. Pull together reports from multiple campaigns to start to see trends in time of day, content or calls to action that seem to be more successful than others. If you start to see consistent down trends it might be time to do some adjusting. Do you need a new email template design? Is there a certain promotion you should run? A new offering you should try highlighting? Maybe your email blast just needs to be sent on a different day of the week or time.

With Mailchimp, they even boast a custom mobile app that let you check reports, add notes to your subscribers or even send a campaign. At an event or tradeshow? Collect subscribers wherever you go. Just checked some popular inventory back in? Send out a quick photo-heavy email to your customer list. Don’t worry, the best email newsletter platforms are already keeping in mind that people will be viewing on a variety of platforms and on various devices. They are designed with responsiveness in mind. With advanced reporting features and the right strategy crafted, you can use this valuable data to monitor sales and your website’s activity.

If you have a business that has been around for years and need some help analyzing data and retargeting your current customer list, we can help. If you have an ecommerce business and need to strategize around your reporting to build the best strategy for your holiday sale, we can help. The 10twelve team is ready to rock! We focus on the data you have collected, draw from experience and design beautiful, strategic marketing to grow your business and generate sales. Contact us today!