Marketing for Restaurants

It’s been a long week at work. You’ve made it to the weekend! Woohoo! The absolute last thing you want to do is go home and cook. Cut to that all-too-familiar conversation with your partner. Who’s going to decide where you are going to eat? You don’t necessarily want to make the decision, but they better not pick wrong. We get it. We’ve all been there. So now what? You may get on your phone and start Googling for local restaurants you may not be thinking of.

So, what does this common scenario mean for those of you who own or help operate a local restaurant or restaurant chain?

Don’t let your restaurant’s website turn people away.

What elements make up the perfect restaurant site? Is your current site eye-catching, easy to navigate, featuring all the correct info (current menu, company contact info, address, directions and hours) and utilizing current search engine optimization (SEO) best practices? Have you gotten some great photography of your space, menu items, specialty drinks and perhaps some fun events that have been hosted at your restaurant? Great pictures of food and images of people enjoying as big, bold full-width banner images are sure to catch attention and entice people to want to come experience this for themselves. Does it make sense for your site to have an events page to alert people about happy hour events, networking lunches, holiday brunches, trivia night or a local band that will be playing this weekend? Are your images, titles and content strategically planned to not only communicate information your customers would like to know, but also helping to get your business listed higher in popular searches? We have some Squarespace templates that we recommend using as the ideal starting point to help build your beautiful new restaurant website. Some of these include the Hunter, Pacific, Marquee and Aviator templates. Can’t envision this for yourself? Let’s have a conversation to strategize around your ideal website build.

Is your restaurant on all the right location-listing sites?

How are people going to find you if you are not listed on the standard sites that people go to search for businesses in their area? This is not as easy as you may think. Gone are the days where people pick up that big, thick yellow book to find your business’ information. There are 60+ common location-listing websites that you want to make sure that your restaurant is featured on and make sure to keep information on those sites accurate and up to date. Don’t have the spare time to worry about this or don’t know where to start? 10twelve can help you get listed on all of the appropriate location-listing websites and spice up your profile to make you stand out from the crowd.

Utilizing social media and other local forms of advertising?

Keep people in the area up to date about current promotions, great happy hour specials, special brunches or meals planned to celebrate holidays. Social media makes it easier than ever to grow your audience and keep engaged with them so that you can blast reminders and entice them to come back. Drive in new traffic with a promotion featuring a coupon code targeting users within 3 miles of your restaurant on Facebook, for example. You could utilize other forms of local advertising like signage, commercials, direct mail, hosting networking events, listings/ads in local magazines or advertisers and sponsoring local events. Is there a community beer or wine tasting event, a carnival or other similar event where your restaurant could sell or hand out samples of your food? Are there other opportunities to cross-promote with another local business to help each other grow?

Are there things you could do to upgrade the way people perceive your restaurant?

Need help with a new logo design? Does your menu need some updating to stay current and possibly incorporate some great pictures of some of your more popular dishes? Can we apply your logo to a new sign or on custom printed napkins? Do you need posters in your window or to hang inside to advertise special events you are hosting? Can we create a compelling video about your restaurant and it’s offerings that will play on a loop in your front entrance? These are just a few ideas to help boost the impression your business is giving off and improve customer experience.

The team at 10twelve loves to help businesses grow. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation on ways that we can help take your restaurant or other business to the next level.