How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign

We’re big fans of inbound marketing here. But we understand that putting a campaign together can feel big and intimidating, especially if you are not used to the inbound way of doing things.

Whether you are new to inbound marketing, or just like to double-check that you aren’t forgetting anything, here’s some of the elements we think are crucial in putting together an inbound marketing campaign.


Before you start any inbound marketing campaign, you need to know who the target audience of your campaign is. Targeting is more intuitive for outbound marketing, since you are going to your audience directly (e.g. if you are targeting auto mechanics, you place in ad in Auto Mechanics’ Digest). You have to put a bit more thought into it for inbound marketing, but that’s part of what makes inbound marketing so effective. You are thinking about your target audience’s interests, habits and personalities. If you haven’t created buyer personas yet, now’s a great time.


The cornerstone of any effective inbound marketing campaign is great content. You’re offering your target audience something of real value. By putting that valuable content out there, you’re giving people something to flock towards, building trust and authority, and making yourself a resource, and a place where customers will want to come again and again both for more great content, and then for your products or services. So, before launching your campaign, make sure you’ve got some great content ready, along with offers and landing pages to promote that content. And get ready to create blog posts and videos to sustain the campaign for as long as you need to.


Social media is going to be key to the promotion of any inbound marketing campaign. It’s not enough to just post on Facebook or tweet about your latest blog post or ebook. You have to engage with your customers, interact with them, create or become part of a community. Your social media can’t just be an extension of the content you’ve already created, it has to be additive. Posts are capable of, and should be, great content in their own right.

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