Don’t get hung up…

We are our hardest critics. Make it your personal goal to also be your biggest fan. Have some changes to make? Of course! Life is all about continuing to push self-improvement and grow. Make a plan and start tackling those changes one-step at a time. Often we get so wrapped up in the daily grind and so focused on the things looming out there that we fail to realize all of the great things we are accomplishing with our business and in our lives. Here are a few tips from our team about a possible shift in perspective:

Take time to check-in and recognize and celebrate accomplishments and progress.

We get so busy being busy that it is easy to forget how much you are actually getting done. Instead of getting derailed thinking about everything you over-planned and didn’t get done, regularly check in with yourself and your team and also realize you cranked out a lot of great work.

Time to reprioritize?

Are there important things you missed? Don’t get hung up on those thoughts, they aren’t getting you anywhere. Reprioritize and shift your goals and focus for the next month. Have goals and plans on how to achieve them. Check-in and evaluate on a regular basis. This will help you stay focused on the most important tasks, help you not get caught up in negativity and drive your business forward. Don’t let your business objectives fall off like so many New Year’s Resolutions. There are only so many hours in the day. Take a few minutes at the beginning of the day to set a realistic plan for the day of most important items to get accomplished and get moving!

Learn to say no.

Part of the problem is we need to learn to say no and be realistic with ourselves. Being nice and saying yes to everything will take precious time away from the tasks that we should really be getting done. It is OK to prioritize yourself and the things you are aiming to accomplish. Instantly jumping on the priorities of others all of the time will take focus away from your plan for the day. Keep your inbox closed and set your day up. Another part of this is deciding on elements of your business that best drive you forward. Focus on those. This may mean saying no to other requests that you know will just take up time and not bring in as much profit or benefit. It is a hard thing to do to turn down any opportunity to earn, but remember the value in your time and make sure it is focused on the items that are yielding the greatest returns.

Outsource or delegate

Are there things that still seem important, but don’t really need to remain on your plate? Figure out what items still are best done by you and then pass along the rest. Rushing tasks because there are just too many of them isn’t doing a service to anyone. Find a team you can trust and divvy out responsibilities considering individual’s talents.

Ask for honest feedback

Find someone, or a few people, in your life to be your trusted advisor(s).  Ask for feedback and help to accomplish goals. Each of these people will bring a unique vantage point that is helpful to consider and an objective, outside perspective is often just what you may need to notice areas that may not be on your radar or confirm thoughts you may already be having.

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