Strategizing Around Your New Website Build

You are running at full speed knocking out tasks to keep your business moving forward. Purchasing inventory, shipping orders, returning phone calls, going to networking events, getting information to your accountant, hiring talent and a myriad of other tasks that more than fill your time. That’s just work. You want to see your family and have some fun occasionally. You know that your current company website and other marketing efforts are…well, to put in nicely, lacking. Taking on another project like the website redesign that you know is necessary may seem like the last thing you want to do.

In today’s world of people being constantly glued to their phones and devices, they are relying on your company’s digital footprint to make decisions about your brand. Putting in the effort to do it right and make a memorable impact is essential. That is where 10twelve can help. We dig in deep. We are an extension of your team and take that seriously. We want to help you grow. Here are some of the questions you should expect as we get started:

Gathering General Information About Your Company

There are of course the basics, point(s) of contact and their contact info. Does your company already have an existing website that we can review and discuss likes and dislikes as we start to establish goals for the new site? Do you already have a domain? If so, who is it registered with? If you don’t have a domain, 10twelve can help with some research on market saturation and SEO opportunities pertaining to certain domains and help with recommendations and purchase of your new domain.

What level of involvement in future site editing would you like to have post site launch? Will there be other company employees that will also need access and training to the back-end of your new site?

Now lets talk assets…not a house, car, that kind of thing…we are talking about vector logos, content, images, etc. Do you have those somewhere and in a format that will work for the site? Will we be doing some improvising or starting from scratch?

Clarifying Goals and Approach

Now is when we get to dig in and find out all about your company. Get ready for questions! We LOVE this part of the process. We thrive on the whole process of building and growing businesses. Owning several of our own brands, helping others with theirs feels like the perfect fit. What is your company about? Do you sell some sort of kick-ass product line or are you service-based? Let’s dig into who you think your current customer is. Is that current customer what you picture your ideal customer being? We have a series of questions we can go through to help determine these target customers if you aren’t sure. Are you targeting other businesses (B2B) or direct to consumers (B2C)? Trendy or more conservative? Budget conscious or higher-end?

Then, once that perfect customer arrives, what do you want them to see? Are they looking for information or to just check out and get on with their day? Before they exit your site, what are some of your goals? Is it to educate them, compel them to purchase, have them sign up for your newsletter, pick up the phone to call you or a combination of things? Does your business offer a variety of products and services, but one brings in the majority of your revenue? We may need to shift efforts more strongly in that direction to grow your business.

Does your target customer go to social media to spend time or find information? If so, which platforms make the most sense to incorporate into your marketing strategy? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Yelp, etc. This is important because we will link them up to your new website and can talk about helping you set up and manage them. Consistent content and staying up on responses on these platforms is important. Speaking of consistent content, we recommend incorporation of a blog into your website. Keeping up with new, fresh content not only helps increase opportunities for people to find your content and distinguish you as an expert in your field, but Google loves content. Efforts in content creation will help you business get found and rank higher in search engine queries.


Let’s dig into where your company fits. Lets talk more about your industry. Who is your competition and what makes you different? Are you coming in as a newbie? Or are you an established company in the need for a refresh and new marketing ideas to help supercharge your growth potential. Is your main goal to market locally, nationally or internationally? Is your business online only or is some of your interaction in person through a retail location or perhaps events?

Let’s Make it Pretty

Squarespace provides the perfect framework to get your website going. We then pair this with our years of experience in design to develop a site that will catch your visitor’s eye right out of the gate and keep them looking further. From full-width beautiful imagery, crafted call to actions (CTA’s) and simple navigation we draw people in and make it easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for. We like to review some sites that you already like and sites of your top competitors. What do you like/not like about those websites? What have you envisioned for your sites main navigation, structure and flow? Will it be primarily image based or will we be incorporating a large amount of content? View the Squarespace templates here to start envisioning the possibilities for your new site.

So…what’s next? Give us a shout and let’s meet up to get the conversation going. Answering these questions will help our team at 10twelve get a better handle on the scope of your project and the direction we should take to help grow your business.  We figure out exactly what you are hoping to create, pepper in strategic suggestions based on our years of business and design experience, get the information and content we need from you and then it’s off the races. The cost of waiting is high and you often have only one chance to make the right impression. Let us help guide you in creating that perfectly crafted and executed narrative.