Defining your user experience

You finally decided to buy that new car you have been staring at. You get your license, insurance card and your caffeinated drink to head to the dealership. You are both excited and apprehensive as it is ALWAYS a pain-in-the ass to get “the deal” done…

You arrive at the dealer, the parking situation is crap as they are re-sealing the parking lot after a brutal winter of asphalt destruction. So…you find a parking spot, park your current ride and now need to figure out how to get into the fuc*ing dealership. Just super, right?

Finally, you make it in and begin the process. If you are familiar with this…or any dealership woes for that matter, you can draw parallels to how your customers, audience or consumers looking to buy your product may feel when they cannot navigate your website easily and find what they want. It is SUPER frustrating and easy to lose business. This is important. Really. It is all about the user experience from beginning to end. Whether you are online, offline or whatever.

The user experience is something that should be defined before anything else when creating a website. What is the first thing your user sees when landing on your website? It should be beautiful, or cool, or emotive or something that they see and want to explore further. Whether it’s a call to action paired with something beautiful or a menu of items, it better be simple and easy to see and follow to what the consumer is looking for. That leads me to your website navigation…

We at 10twelve like clean, simple website navigation that is CLEAR for the user. It may be old-school thought, however we find people like simple. So, we keep it simple and believe you should too. Layout your website navigation based on the user experience. What are your top categories? Do your consumers tend to land on your website, look at your top three products, add one of them to the cart then checkout? Do they land on your website, look at one of your services and go to contact you? Whatever the scenario, make it easy and simple to do. Make sure your contact info is easily attainable and mobile-friendly to call or email you directly from a link on their smart phone or tablet. It makes a difference and works. Make it easy, build it for your user and you will have results.

Check out some of our websites here and notice how clean the navigation is. Thanks for reading. We look forward to being a resource for you. Questions? Contact us here.