Build an Audience with Engaging Content

Your company website, social media presence and other marketing efforts are created and maintained to serve a number of purposes. This may include messaging to clients, generating additional business, building brand loyalty, creating consumer engagement or launching a new brand. In today’s market, people are not going to the phone book to look for local businesses and many times the endless flyers that come in the mail are often recycled with barely a glance. Your company website and social media is most likely where people will go to find out more about your brand and it’s offerings. 

So, keeping that in mind, does your company currently have a mobile-friendly, responsive website where your customer’s can go to do this? Is this website communicating, in a compelling and targeted way, your desired story that encourages them to take action? This is your opportunity to create an identity for your business and engage them in a well-crafted narrative. Businesses have only a moment to either draw customers in to learn further or send them on to another brand. Be bold, interest them with messaging that allow them to get what you are about and encourage them to decide from that first impression that you are the answer to their problem.

Use your site and social media presence to tie in the human element of your business. People love a well-crafted story. Like any great relationship, trust is essential. They want to know something about who they are buying from and they want to feel like they can trust your brand. Show them what makes you different. How are you going to stand out from the thousands of other people offering similar products or services? It is through your personality that your marketing efforts show and will help put a face to your brand. With that, you can grow and maintain your level of engagement..

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare…the social media platform choices are not scarce. These are some of the better ways to bring in the human factor of your business, which of course is crucial because they are your buyers. Businesses large and small can utilize their social media, blogging and websites to pass along fresh content that distinguishes them as experts in their field. Small businesses, mom and pop or family-owned businesses can use these platforms to bring in an emphasis on local information. This can help them share information that directly effects people in their area and remind people to support a local business and shop local.

Make sure you have a plan to regularly update and keep your content fresh. This not only provides value to your customers, but it is also adding images and content that search engines can now index, increasing the opportunity for you to be found.

Let’s say you are a realtor or apartment manager. In conjunction with the traditional listings that would be a part of your story, establish yourself as an expert in the communities you serve. Tell a story that is bigger than your specific offering. Inform people about places nearby. Recommend the best local bars, restaurants, or other fun things to do in the area. Talk about design trends or things to think about when purchasing or renting. While someone might not be immediately in the need for an apartment or new home, you are engaging them and creating interest around living in that area and it will draw people in to learn more and encourage them to remember you when they are in the market or recommend you to friends.

Just getting yourself on these platforms is not enough. Make the effort to respond to comments to open the lines of communication and answer any questions your customers may have. Don’t ignore ratings and reviews on your company. Many consumers put a lot of weight on the feedback of others in forming their opinions on choosing your company, or not. How can you encourage good reviews? Also, bad reviews need to be addressed. People are far more likely to believe in the feedback of others who have tried out your product or service. Need help expanding your digital footprint in a strategic way that gives your brand personality, keeps it relevant and makes you unforgettable? Contact the team at 10twelve today!