The Bryant Template from Squarespace

You just landed your dream job. Years of education, sleepless nights and stress on you and your family. “Good times” as the phrase goes. One caveat, you have to move…the good news is, your husband is in and ready to relocate and start anew.

So, you start the search via the web, of course. As you are searching, you cannot help but notice the website you are using is gorgeous with incredible imagery, easy to navigate, has amazing pictures and concise text. Guess what…

Welcome to the Bryant template from Squarespace! This was specifically designed for Real Estate, showcasing properties, listing rentals and promoting commercial properties. With full-bleed banner images and video-capable headers, strong CTA’s and the ability to build beautiful galleries, the Bryant template makes your real estate portfolio shine. Pair that with killer photography, and you are all set to move some property.

Bryant is part of the Bedford template family and with the ability to have clean grid layouts, the Bryant makes for a fantastic portfolio site to serve your real estate needs, or perhaps you are an architect, artist, paper printer or just selling a handful of home-made products. Regardless of your profession, the Bryant template will surely get your product or portfolio shown well.

Set the Bryant template up with it’s custom blog, stacking index pages, slideshow or grid galleries and its emotion invoking layout and enjoy a beautiful, responsive user experience.

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