Social Media: Landing on Platforms

Recently, I asked a twelve-year-old to show me how to use Snapchat (ahem, I was asking for a friend). First, he laughed at me. Then, he presented his iPhone and proceeded to whirl his fingers about the screen in a way that made my pedestrian use of my index finger look like ham-fisted hunting-and-pecking compared to his 300 word-per-minute touch-typing. Such was his comfort with Snapchat. It was like an extension of his body.

By now, you don’t need me to tell you that social media is a really big deal for businesses. We are rapidly approaching the point where not having a social media presence is as big of a no-no as not having a website. And if you think that you “get” social media just because you have a Facebook page, please allow me to correct you, because you are wrong.

While Facebook is still the biggest player around with well over a billion active users, modern social networks are as numerous as they are diverse. I wouldn’t be surprised if my twelve-year-old Snapchat maven wasn’t even on Facebook. The various social media platforms are each their own opportunity to connect to a different audience, since the users of each platform use them to discover, interact with and share content in different ways.

So how are you, as a business, supposed to master every platform in the right way without allocating a massive amount of resources? Well, you aren’t. That would be ridiculous. But you do need to figure out what each platform is good for, what kind of people are using it, then think about how you might use said platform to engage with that audience. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the right platforms, then you can master just those that are most relevant to your business.

In addition to having no chance of keeping up with every social media platform on the planet, there’s another huge downside of spreading yourself too thin. You won’t be able to engage. There’s a misconception that followers are what’s important on social media, but not so. Followers are just a number. What’s important is engagement. Interaction. People who are interested in your content and liking it, sharing it, and clicking through.

So whether you are sharing blog posts on Tumblr, 140-character quips on Twitter, or brief but visual stories on Snapchat (so I’m told), make sure you provide great content on the right social media platforms instead of lacking or minimal content on all of the platforms.

Don't know where to start?!? The 10twelve team can help. We make it our job to stay abreast of the social media latest and greatest. We can advise you of the right platforms for your business and quote you a monthly social media management package to take that off your plate and craft a plan to reach and engage your core audience. Let's get posting!