Why Consistent Content Matters

So you started a blog. You did what you knew you were supposed to, you set up a CMS (Content Management System) using something like Squarespace. You sat down, did some research, looked at your competitors, found some relevant keywords, and typed out 500 words. And man, they were good ones.

You linked to that blog post in your newsletter, you tweeted about it, even called your mom and told her to check it out.

And the response has been great. Lots of favorites and re-tweets. An uptick in traffic to your site. Mom even said she liked the part with the story about the dog. The post was a hit. You totally nailed it.

So… now what?

Well, now you have to do it again. And again. And again and again and again. On a regular basis, and making it just as good, every time.

As with so many aspects of marketing, thinking about your client or customer’s needs and experience is a great way to start, and the perfect way to illustrate this point about consistency. Say you have a potential customer that sees that blog post and clicks through to your site. Maybe they like it so much they subscribe to your email list, but they aren’t quite to the point where they are excited enough to link to your post on social media, or to spend money with your company. That person’s interest can’t be allowed to just drift off into the ether, it needs to be nurtured and rewarded with more quality content. That way, they start to feel invested in your brand and your company, which will hopefully turn them into a customer, and even an ambassador who encourages others to do the same. And that can only happen if the content keeps flowing.

But content generation can be a lot of work, so maybe you’ve divided it up amongst several people. One person is in charge of blogging, another in charge of video, and another social media. Consistency matters here too. If everyone involved is not on the same page in terms of both messaging and schedule, you could have a blog and a video go out on the same day, and then nothing else happen for weeks. You could have duplicate content in different places, or even worse, conflicting messages which leave people with a confused and frustrated view of your company.

And your customers aren’t the only ones who notice consistency. Google notices, too. Search engine algorithms are designed to not only look for quality content, but to reward the consistent posting of that content. If you generate a lot of content one month, and then almost nothing for the next month or two, Google (along with your customers), will start to question your legitimacy.

Creating content is great. Creating quality content is even better. But it’s not enough to just invest in content as a one-off or every now and then when you feel like it. Creating content that is consistent, both in it’s frequency and it’s quality, is crucial. Contact 10twelve for help with content development and SEO strategy today!