Hit the Race Track with Team Stradale

As avid motorsport enthusiasts, the crew at 10twelve is always at the race track. One of the closest tracks to us is Autobahn Country Club. This is the home of one of our clients, Team Stradale.

Team Stradale is the full-service racing solution within the greater Midwest region. They offer a high-performance driving school, race car sales and service, vehicle storage, race car rentals, private driver coaching, arrive and drive concierge services, transport services, race travel services, racing parts and safety equipment.

As we started to dig into what Team Stradale was about, we quickly learned they had a broad range of products and services that were not being conveyed to their audience.

As we discussed the goals of Team Stradale, we created a multi-phase approach to get them on the right track.

Step 1: Identify their categories of products and services. I mean, it’s racing after all…

Your audience needs to know what you do, what options there are and what products you have available within seconds of landing on your website or viewing collateral material. Use strong imagery and call-to-actions to engage your user.

Step 2: Photography. Gorgeous, stunning images of race cars.

Bold photography, beautiful shots and images that show what you’re all about and can quickly generate interest. We at 10twelve, feel strongly about the use of photography. It matters.

Step 3: Build a killer website that presented their products and services in a simple, easy to navigate manner.

These days, people need a responsive, mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate and gives them imagery to help them navigate. We built a clean, simple navigation menu that gave the audience for Team Stradale direct links to what they are looking for.

Step 4: Expand their Social Media presence.

Motorsports is a sexy industry. Everyone wants to see posts and pictures of cool race cars, beautiful exotic sports cars, drivers battling for the apex and anything automotive for that matter. We set-up their profiles and developed a social calendar to ensure Team Stradale stays relevant with consistent posting, image tagging, the use of hashtags and solid headlines.

Step 5: Spice up their collateral material. Engage people with imagery and content.

Although we live in a digital age, print is still very popular. We designed a few new collateral pieces for handouts at the Chicago Auto-Show, various race track events, car shows, automotive promotional campaigns and drivers new to racing. These were designed and built in a way that allowed us to have cohesive branded materials across the board. Whether your looking at the website, their Facebook page or a piece of collateral, you know it’s Team Stradale.

Step 6: Video. Create videos that illustrate what Team Stradale is all about and give a virtual experience of what a day in the life is at Team Stradale.

Captivate your audience. That is our motto. We have and are still developing video for Team Stradale to engage users with the brand, the team behind the brand and of course, the cars. It is after all, about the cars. We love storytelling using video as a tool.

Marketing is not a one-time thing. It is constantly changing and evolving. Be aware of your audience and what they want, need and respond to. The creative team at 10twelve can help you create the experience for your audience. Then, we can help you maintain the experience and grow with your business.