The Start-up Checklist

So…you want to start a company? OR maybe you have? If it’s your first rodeo, we want to help you make the right choices and save money and time. Here is a handy start-up checklist I always use when starting a new venture. Check it out…

Legal company name & Domain:

Have you formed your legal entity yet? If not, this is a great opportunity to ensure you choose the best domain available to fit your business and your company name. If you can choose your domain first, then name your business, that is usually the best way to accomplish naming your company. Choose your domain based off a few key things. Does your domain fit your business? How competitive is it in a GOOGLE search? Often we choose names that have flexibility and are not flooded in a GOOGLE search. This is how our name, 10twelve was born. It was unique and we had a lot of opportunity for SEO.

Email solution:

Your going to need email. Most people may target the cheapest option or perhaps a free option. We recommend Office365. If you simply need email, the essentials plan at $5 a month is a solid, reliable option that will work with most devices and give you scalability.

File storage solution:

Of course you will need to be organized and have all your docs on the go at your fingertips. We have found that and its native apps work great. It also collaborates with Office365 which makes it that much easier to use and share files. It is our go-to solution for ourselves and our clients that we help set-up IT infra-structure.


Your logo will have a huge impact on how people respond to your company. It is either eye catching or ignorable. Those are really the only two categories these days amongst the sea of ads that pound your web browsing, social media platforms and email subscriptions. Your logo needs to grab people’s attention in seconds. Whether its clean, contemporary and modern or bold and beautiful, keep it simple and effective. View our work here.


We build our sites on Squarespace. We love the platform, we trust the technology and most of all, love the customer support system and the community around Squarespace. They have gorgeous templates to choose from and we can customize each of them to fit your look, feel and function. They are all responsive and mobile-friendly with custom blog features. Your website is still the “basecamp” of your company. Regardless of your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Snapchat or other, you need a kick-ass website to showcase your brand and what you offer or sell. We also like Squarespace for its CMS (content management system). Once the site is built, we can train you on updating your site or managing your blog. Check out the awesome Squarespace templates here.


Get social. We live in a world that now revolves around communication thru some social platform. Facebook messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+, Periscope and many, many others all play a role in social communities. If you are a business, you need to be connected to socials. If nothing else, just to help with search engine rankings.

Content commitment:

Committing to fresh content is important. Your search engine rankings will take into account fresh content. The more content you can publish, consistently, the better you will rank and the more sales opportunities you will have. Check out our blog here and download our free SEO guide here.