Beautiful, Responsive Squarespace Websites

When building a website, creating the right foundation is essential. Utilizing Squarespace, the templates are the core of a successful Squarespace build.

When considering a website build or redesign, ask yourself these critical questions that will set your website up for success.

What is the primary goal of your website? 

  • Are you trying to generate leads, drive sales or attract visitors? 
  • Is your business e-commerce based? 
  • Is there some sort of content you are trying to share with the world? 

When picking a Squarespace template, it is necessary to consider these goals and use these answers to help make your template choice. Don’t know where to start? Check out the templates on our site and contact us at 10twelve to help filter your selection and decide what is right for your application.

What are you trying to convey? 

Are you trying to convey the message to your customer visually or through content? This will lead you to choose templates that are more graphic based or more content based.

The templates are a baseline. Which one is most like your perfect website? 

These responsive, mobile-friendly Squarespace templates are just the beginning. The strategy behind targeting your ideal customer is the key. Picking the template most like what you are envisioning allows the team at 10twelve to learn your expectation for your vision. We can then take your vision with your business goals in mind and craft a plan to create an experience that will tell your story to your core consumer.

View our template pages to get a better idea about the wide-array of Squarespace templates. Contact the 10twelve team to discuss your business needs and to plan a strategy to build or grow your business.