Golf Carts. No…Golf Trucks!

What do you do when you need a Utility Vehicle and have a Golf Cart laying around? Build what you need. Save money and innovate. That’s the Golf Trucks motto.

Golf Trucks was a company that was started out of a barn in Michigan by a group that owned a landscaping and nursery company. The current owners purchased the company and came to us for a make-over and overall marketing direction. We took their goals, made a plan and got to work.

Step 1: Logo design. We designed a killer logo that sent a clear message as to what Golf Trucks was and identified one of their truck models.

Step 2: Web design and development. We designed, developed and built Golf Trucks a beautiful, clean website that show cased their Golf Truck models and what the company was about.

Step 3: Collateral. We designed business cards, a sell sheet and decals to arm the sales staff with tools to share the message and sell the solution. Golf Trucks are half the cost of mainstream commercial utility vehicles.

We provided Golf Trucks their needed solutions within 30 days. Today, they have a consistent look, feel and are growing and building their client base daily. Thanks for the opportunity Golf Trucks! We appreciate working with you. Check out the work here.