Brand Consistency is Key

A company brand initiative can be intimidating. What makes the difference between a good brand and a great brand? In our opinion, it all comes down to consistency.  It’s about making your brand a priority and setting a strategic plan around that.  Every company has a brand and at its simplest form a brand is how people perceive you. It starts with your logo and then continues in the form of other design elements and messaging that needs to remain true across any and every application. Putting out consistent, on-brand content affects how people experience your company and the opinions they are going to form.

Good brands are built over time and require strategy, a lot of thought and making sure it is being consistently represented in everything that you do. Take some of the most recognizable brands in the world- Apple, Coca Cola, Facebook, Nike, McDonald’s, etc. You know what kind of look to expect from them. Their logos are immediately recognizable around the world and they have an established look that they are religious about with everything they touch including their packaging, advertising, actual products, etc. While it can be assumed that they have massive budgets to work with, which undoubtedly helps, they still wouldn’t be able to pull this off without their unwavering commitment to sticking true to the brand across the board.

For these brands, and yours, maintaining this consistency is a strategic commitment you are making and it is vital to the success of your business. Spending money on branding is often hard for people to see the value, but establishing a memorable logo and identity that leaves the right first impression, differentiates your company and sticks with people. Then carrying out that consistent messaging and crafting the desired experience for your target customer is essential to keeping people coming back to you vs. someone else. 

Let’s assume your budget is somewhat smaller. What can you learn from these powerhouse brands? Consistency helps manage people’s perceptions and expectations. You need to think carefully about your brand and all the implementations of it and how people will perceive and experience it. This consistency will show people a sense of professionalism, stability and purpose. A focused effort to establish and maintain consistent branding will deliver a very specific set of impressions. Without established standards for your brand, you are not protecting your investment. Many companies spend thousands of dollars to have someone create their logo and build messaging only to have this effort thwarted by inconsistent and sloppy application of this branding over other applications. Don’t be penny-wise and dollar foolish. Set the expectation with the way people are going to interact with your brand. 

Consistency also helps build upon previous success. With that consistency people can know what to expect every time they encounter your company, so if that was a good experience it will keep them coming back. Check out our branding examples in the pictures. You will see that the company identity is easily identified.

Does your company need some direction? Creating and maintaining this sort of strategy is a commitment and can be daunting. The team at 10twelve has the experience to help create or keep your brand on the pathway to success. Contact us today.