We LOVE Squarespace

Picture this: It’s 2003. You’re a college student. You have to build a website. Bad news, though. The tools that exist are clunky, unintuitive, and severely lacking on basically all fronts. But hey, you’re a programmer. So you build some new tools. Better tools. Easy-to-use tools to help people build versatile, beautiful websites. And you don’t just keep them for yourself, you share them with others as part of a service. That service is Squarespace. And you’re basically a genius.

Since their dorm-room startup origin, Squarespace has continued to come up with flexible, elegant solutions to the problems of today’s internet. From blogging, to e-commerce, to responsive web design, Squarespace has built a suite of tools and templates that can scale and adapt to individuals, or businesses of any size.

What makes Squarespace great isn’t just that it’s easy to use, it’s also powerful and packed with features. Squarespace templates are great on their own, but with a Squarespace expert it’s possible to add functionality, versatility, and an engaging design that both looks and works great on desktop and mobile. If you want proof, look no further than our portfolio of custom Squarespace sites.

We love everything about Squarespace, especially their humble beginnings. They started with a problem, an entrepreneurial spirit, a bit of know-how, and came up with a killer solution. As Squarespace web designers and developers, we take the same approach. Our clients need a great, customized website, and we have the experience, knowledge and spirit to help them build a Squarespace website that is tailored to fit just right.