The No Bullsh*t Manifesto

Raise your hand if you’ve been in this meeting before: It’s the big marketing presentation. Finally. After weeks (or has it been months?) of lofty promises and guarantees of spectacular results. After a dizzying assault of buzzwords and jargon. After answering an endless hailstorm of questions - so many answers to so many questions it feels like you may have actually come up with the entire marketing strategy yourself. Isn’t that supposed to be what you’re paying somebody else for? And speaking of paying, the cost of this whole process has been unbelievable. This presentation had better be a grand slam for it all to be worth it. So you wait. And you watch… And… oh boy. What happened to all your “feedback?” Where are the spectacular results? This isn’t what you were promised. This stinks.

Our hands are up. Our hands are way up. And we’re tired of it.

We’re tired of the spin. We’re tired of “yes men.” We’re tired of hearing problems instead of solutions. We’re tired of false promises. We’re tired of people and companies failing upwards. We’re tired of bullsh*t. That’s why 10twelve has made a pledge to be the “No Bullsh*t Agency.”

What does “No Bullsh*t” mean to us? It means we won’t talk around you, we’ll talk to you. It means we only promise what we can deliver. It means accountability. It means we won’t spend all our time asking you what you want us to do, rather, we’ll tell you what needs to be done for your business, then we’ll do it. It means not wasting your money. It means not wasting your time. It means results.

If that sounds nice to you, come take the “No Bullsh*t” pledge with us. We’ve got to tell you, it feels pretty good. Learn more here: