Why personal branding matters.

Why personal branding matters and how to own it.

If there’s one thing that will stick with you for the rest of your life, it’s your name.

By utilizing your given name as your personal brand, you can stand out from the crowd and promote your strengths, experiences and sought after opportunities. The stronger your personal brand comes across, the more empowered you will feel in what you have to offer.

But what exactly is a personal brand?

It’s the process of managing you, your online identity and optimizing the way you as a brand are presented through LinkedIn, Google and other online queries.

Here’s 5 reasons why managing your personal brand is important:

  • You will manage what people learn about you.
  • It will present opportunities for you to meet people and grow your network.
  • You will gain credibility, recognition and validate yourself.
  • When employers are making hiring decisions, you have the ability to give them a window to learn more about you.
  • The internet is still growing. Buy your domain and control what the public learns about you and what your skillset or talents are.

How can you get started with building your personal brand?

The first step in creating your personal brand is to buy your domain name. Own your domain and you have the ability to build a website that showcases what YOU want the world to learn about you. Are you a photographer? A tree trimmer? An artist? Give the world a window to see you thru with your personal domain.

Here’s a list of questions to ask when considering your personal brand:

  • What do you want to display to the world?
  • Am I using this as a tool for your career or just personal use?
  • Which career-related skills do you totally rock at?
  • Are there opportunities to make money with these skills?
  • In six months to a year, will you still be interested in managing your brand content?

Overall, taking the right steps to manage your personal brand will enable you to grow through career-related experiences. Whether it be the people you meet or the content you create, your personal brand is the backbone of everything you represent. Tell us your story and let us craft it in a way that presents yourself in the best and most authentic way to the world.