New Google Consumer Survey Tools

Recently, Google took a big step into the world of market research with the additions of Google Surveys and Google Surveys 360 to their arsenal of Google Analytics tools.

While Google has had a version of a survey tool around since 2012 known as Google Consumer Surveys, the recent revamp both streamlines and turbo charges companies’ abilities to conduct surveys quickly and effectively.

Google Surveys 360

The big announcement in recent weeks was the addition of Google Surveys 360, which is being integrated into the Analytics 360 Suite, which Google launched back in March. Google Surveys 360 is the enterprise-focused offering, tailored for use by big organizations and better suited to handling large amounts of data. Surveys 360 features advanced audience targeting, dedicated supports and consolidated billing. The major benefit of 360 though, according to Google, is speed. From the announcement on the analytics blog:

“Traditional research means hiring a research firm, waiting three months or more, and then getting data that's siloed and may not be sharable.”

Google Surveys 360 on the other hand, promises statistically significant results in a matter of days, in a tool that is accessible by anyone within an organization.

Companies like Nest are already using Google Surveys 360 in combination with their website analytics data to get answers to difficult questions, like why their shoppers have been leaving product pages without making a purchase. The answers they’ve gotten have allowed them to better address the needs of buyers by adding more in-depth product information to their product pages, and thus convert site visitors into buyers more effectively.

The other major benefit of Surveys 360 is how it integrates with the rest of the Analytics 360 Suite, bringing performance marketing and brand marketing together, and providing a fresh way to view performance through every stage of a campaign’s funnel.

Google Surveys

The addition of Google Surveys 360 doesn’t indicate that the consumer-facing tool is going away. Instead, it has been renamed from Google Consumer Surveys to the simpler Google Surveys, and is now one of the tools available as part of Google Analytics Solutions. While Analytics Solutions offers metrics-based performance measurements, Surveys adds the ability to get qualitative feedback from customers.

Google Surveys is remaining under a pay-as-you-go payment structure, which starts at just 10 cents per completed response, and goes up to $3 per response with location targeting.

Google Surveys had already been quite successful, with over 10 million online respondents and 1 million surveys fielded every week, Google isn’t likely to make too many changes – though they have teased some new features, as well as an improved look and feel in the coming months.

Many companies have long-known the value of good market research and what a benefit it can be for shaping everything from better products to better UX, to more effective marketing efforts. But cost and time have always been prohibitive factors for some businesses in assessing whether or not these kinds of market research surveys made sense. Google Surveys and Google Surveys 360 change all of that, though, making market research more accessible to even the smallest companies or individuals.

Both Google Surveys and Google Surveys 360 point toward a future where big data information is becoming ever more accessible to both consumers as well as large companies, and people are becoming empowered to know audiences and their behaviors in unprecedented and exciting new ways.

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