New Year’s Marketing Trends and How to Use Them

New Year’s resolutions: unrealistic self-pressure tactics from a bygone era, or inspirational methods of motivating us to become the best versions of ourselves? Most of us fall decidedly on one side of the fence or the other, but any way you slice it, 45% of Americans resolve to change at least one aspect of their lives at the beginning of each new year . . . and intelligent entrepreneurs are taking advantage.

So, what can you do to follow in their footsteps?

It’s all about marketing tactics. This time of year, your focus needs to be centered on the spirit of the season: change, hope and cheer. People make New Year’s resolutions because they are seeking a means of self-improvement—they want to make better health choices, improve their education, or get their lives in order. As a savvy businessperson, you have the opportunity to use this information to form a marketing strategy that will boost your sales while growing your client base and highlighting your brand.

1.    New Year, New You

One of the best ways to make the most of this particular holiday is to tap into the desires behind the resolutions. As people seek change and growth, ask yourself what wants and needs are guiding those choices, and give the people what they want using your brand:

Unveil new products – If you’ve been saving your next big product launch for a special occasion, the time is now. After all, nothing says “New Year” like new goodies. This is the perfect opportunity to use email blasts, social media campaigns, and postcard mailers to promote your product launch and invite people to share in the spirit of growth and change! You can even get people in the door by promoting your new product launch and enticing people with additional one-day incentives, like free samples or discounted merchandise.

Share your resolutions – You exponentially increase the chance of connecting with the members of your consumer base who make New Year’s resolutions if you share your own resolutions with them. This can, of course, be a resolution for your business (think a clothing store resolving to feature local designers), but you can also make this more personal and connect to your customers as the CEO or business owner. Putting a face to the name is always a great idea, but sharing your own personal improvement goals is also a great way to build trust amongst your consumers. Share this info on Facebook or Twitter with a call to action, such as, “Share your own personal goals below!” You can even reward the most inspirational story with a “New Year’s gift” or other special offer.

Become a part of the resolution – How better to join in the spirit of the New Year than to offer people a chance to hold themselves accountable for their resolutions through your business. By offering your customers a chance to join your New Year’s Resolution Challenge, you put yourself in the middle of the action and share in the joy and victory of their successes: those with a restaurant business might resolve to offer more heart-healthy options to their patrons while challenging their regulars to share their fitness successes through a private Facebook group; a local gym might invite people to share “sweaty selfies” of their workouts on Instagram. Again, this is a great time to entice people to join the fun by offering a special treat for a superlative entry.

2.    Start the Year Off with a Bang

Even though half the population makes New Year’s resolutions, only 75% of them make it through the first week (that’s one fourth of resolvers giving up within six days or less!), and only 46% stick to their guns for six full months. In reality, New Year’s is all about living in the present moment—if you hesitate, you’ll miss out on the best time to catch people at their most committed.

Take advantage of time – Two of the top ten resolutions Americans make are to get organized and spend more time with their families. By promoting products and services that will help your customers reach these goals, you are not only providing a helpful service, you are also giving them a reason to visit your business, thereby exposing them to additional products.

Relate resolutions to your products and services – Just about any product or service can be spun to tie into to a resolution. By gearing the marketing of your offerings around your clients’ resolutions, you go one step further in creating the aura that will bring people into your store come January 1st. Ask your employees to join your marketing campaign by suggesting themes and creating buzz around your New Year’s resolution related products.

Offer limited time discounts – Nothing gets people to shop as effectively as discounts, and limiting the time frame for using them creates a sense of urgency that makes them almost irresistible. As the first week of the new year approaches, invite customers to ring in the New Year with the kind of specials and discounts they’ll only see once a year. Let them know the time limit on the promotion, and provide an incentive for taking action quickly!

3.    Give Thanks for Last Year

There’s nothing quite as endearing as welcoming the New Year by saying “thank you” for the one that came before it. Your customers are the fuel that keeps your business running, and showing them the appreciation they deserve is a great opportunity to boost visibility, create trust and renew loyalty.

Throw a flash sale New Year’s “party” – Everyone loves a reason to celebrate, and this time of year, a party is just what people are looking for. Rewarding your customers with a shindig to thank them for their business is also a great opportunity to promote new products or offer overstocked items at a major discount (for one night only, of course). If you’re not feeling bold enough to chance a party on the big night, simply decorate festively and throw your party during normal business hours on the first week of the new year. You might even offer Champagne as people walk through the door.

Rock social media giveaways – This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to promote your business in a New Year’s theme at no expense to you.  In exchange for a share, comment, or “like,” you can offer various rewards, including giveaways, discounts, BOGO deals, and more! This tactic is great across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can be cross-promoted to great effect. Create a graphic that features one statement word, like “Celebration” or “Giveaway,” and use an image that either evokes the spirit of New Year’s Eve or displays your most popular product or service. Don’t be afraid to repost multiple times across all platforms so that people don’t miss your promotion amidst the noise of the holiday marketing surge.

Our team is incredibly grateful for those we have worked with in 2016. We have made great strides together. We are looking forward to a strong 2017 for current clients, future clients and ourselves. Ready to grow your business?! Contact us for a free strategy session.