Harnessing Video Content to Boost Your Business

Effective marketing is the key to exposing potential customers to your products and services. In the modern marketplace, that means including interesting content that engages your target audience . . . and in the realm of engaging content, video has become the undisputed king.

If you haven’t begun to use video on your website or social media, the time has come. Video has the potential to open new doors for your business, inform your customer base about who you are, and expose your products to an untapped demographic (not to mention its versatility when it comes to application across platforms).

According to Adelie Studios, businesses incorporating video into their web content see 41% more search engine traffic than those who don’t. As if that weren’t enough to kick you into action, companies who use video content on their landing pages also see conversion rate increases of up to 80%. Those aren’t the only statistics compiled in their research on video marketing:

·       Companies incorporating video content see faster revenue growth (49% faster, to be exact)

·       Videos on social media generate 1200% more “shares” than simple text and image posts combined

·       74% of millennials reference product videos when comparison shopping

·       “How-to” searches on YouTube go up by 70% every year

So, how can you take advantage of this medium to bring your business to the next level?

1.    Where there’s a will, there’s a way

There are countless ways to incorporate video content into your business marketing strategy, and each is just as useful to your bottom line as the next:

Brand videos – These “about us” introduction montages help tell a compelling story about a company and allow consumers to get a sense for what that company is all about. Not only does this help to bolster trust amongst a consumer base, but it’s also a great chance for smaller businesses to put faces to the names of their companies. Try adding a short (1-2 minute) introduction about your company on your landing page that introduces your top players, breaks down your services, or lists your strengths while offering a sense of your company’s style and attitude.

How-tos – As mentioned above, this is becoming an increasingly popular way to place a spotlight on your products while providing the Average Joe with information he wants and needs. Do you manufacture lawn mowers? Try creating a five-minute-or-under “how-to” video on perfectly manicured lawns or the care and maintenance of yard tools. Do you own a bakery? Record a quick “how-to” on the proper way to separate egg whites or tips on selecting the perfect wedding cake. If your potential customers are already searching these topics on YouTube, they may as well come across a video that answers their questions while featuring your products and brand name.

Testimonials – How fun is it to read through long, drawn-out reviews to get a sense of a company’s track record? Short answer: it’s not. Testimonials, however, play a key role in creating a comfort zone around your products and services for potential clients. The best way to make them more interesting while also providing a human element is to record testimonials and create a compilation video that customers can watch on your website. This approach touts your product reliability and quality in a far more relatable way than providing text alone, and the additional video content will also help drive search engine traffic.

New product reveals – People who would purchase your goods and services shouldn’t have to go into a store to learn about them. This is especially true of new products. If you’re doing it right, your best sellers and new offerings should be sharable on social media, and loyal customers should be receiving notifications about them via email. Quick videos highlighting your latest releases help introduce innovative technologies and designs while building desire for these products and allowing customers to experience them in a more engaging way than with images alone.

Explanation videos – These descriptive clips are perfect for complex or multi-faceted products that might require a bit of instruction. Not only do they make complicated products more accessible to the average consumer, they can also display convenient or innovative features customers might not otherwise notice. Use an explanation video to display a jogging stroller in action while demonstrating features like a one-handed fold on YouTube, or show off how easily your customers can transform your custom-made multi-functional reversible jackets with a Snapchat clip. Your customers will appreciate your foresight in providing much-needed guidance, and everyone else will have the opportunity to run across your video while they search for products they may be ready to buy!

2.    Take matters into your own hands

No, you do not have to hire a Hollywood film crew to help you create an Oscar-worthy video about your recent office expansion—with a little help from some user-friendly software, your latest video additions will be on your webpage in no time:

iMovie – Offered for free (and included with the purchase of most Macs), iMovie is the Mac owners go-to choice in creating and editing self-shot video productions. With built-in tutorials and features for adding text and images, you’re sure to find everything you need to create your stunning videos with ease.

Windows Movie Maker – The PC user’s version of iMovie, Windows Movie Maker is also free and included with most Windows software packages. In addition, you can expect to find similar features and online tutorials to help guide you through the user experience and get the most out of your video editing software.

Adobe Premier Elements – While not free, this option is a great addition to any Adobe suite. Regular Adobe users will enjoy the same professional-quality results they see in other Adobe products, and first-timers will be thrilled about editing options like haze removal that help enhance the visual aspects of their final product.

3.    A little advice

Now that you’re ready to tackle your first video project, there are a few quick pearls of wisdom you’ll want to keep in mind as you shoot:

Know your brand – Believe it or not, the feel of your video content is just as important as the information being relayed. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so each frame of your video needs to clearly state the attitude of your company in a way that lets your customers know what you’re all about. If you’re a fun company selling fun products to a young demographic, you’ll probably use bright colors, youthful models/actors and fast-paced clips; if you’re a law firm, however, this is not the direction you’re going to take. Keep your target demographic in mind while designing your video every step of the way, and remember that consistency is key when considering style elements like font, color, and talent.

Give them a peek behind the curtain – One of the most exciting things you can offer people outside of your industry is the chance to feel like an insider. While this is particularly true of luxury markets, like fashion and entertainment, it doesn’t mean other industries can’t take advantage of this strategy. Use your social media outlets or your blog to introduce members of your team in a “get to know you” format; create a light-hearted or silly tour through your workplace that can be shared on Facebook; film a quick insider take on a recent seminar or industry summit that aficionados will appreciate. You can even jump on recent trend bandwagons, and film a lip-sync video that cleverly incorporates your products (again: not the best choice for a law firm, but you get the idea). Get creative, and have fun with this option!

Create an ambience – Music is one of the best ways to enhance the content of a video while adding an additional layer of intrigue for your viewers. Websites like SoundCloud, ccMIxter, and Incompetech offer royalty-free selections that are covered by the Creative Commons license—just be sure to read through any artist restrictions before using, and always consider your audience when selecting the pieces you’re going to include in your videos.

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