Creating Business Cards that Stand Out

From e-mail to social media to blogs to lists, technology has found a way to replace so many aspects and interactions in a typical business environment. One piece of the business world that technology hasn’t managed to replace (no matter how many people have tried) is the business card.

Yes, business cards are still a thing. Those little pieces of paper with a bit of contact information still float around through wallets, pockets, and purses. Gathered up at bars, conferences and network events and destined to live forever at the bottom of a drawer or a suitcase.

But business cards don’t have to be plain, lame, boring or forgettable. The people you give them to don’t have to be left wishing that there were some kind of technological replacement as an equivalent. Instead, try to make an impact with your business cards by doing something unique, something unexpected, something different.

Here are some ideas to help you make your business cards stand out, so that your recipients won’t just hold on to them, they’ll even show them off.

Make it Thick

Standard cardstock paper weight is certainly not going to make much of an impression. Luckily, the paper options for business cards are nearly endless. Rather than going with the standard, try going double thick, or even quadruple thick. Instead of regular cardstock try using cotton paper or hand-woven rag paper for a more tactile experience. There are even options to print business cards on clear plastic, wood, or metal.


While it’s nice to make the physical cardstock thicker and heavier, the content on the card should be as light as possible. Rather than cramming in every single form of contact information and social media handle, cull it down and pick the bare minimum. The information on your business card shouldn’t be a comprehensive list of ways to get in touch with you, but instead, the best, most ideal way for people to get in touch with you. That will free up the rest of your card for a clean, minimalistic design.

Cut Corners

Rectangles are not the only acceptable shape for a business card. Making a simple change like rounding the corners of your cards can really help them stand out vs the stack of perfect 3.5 x 2”s. But it doesn’t have to stop there. From intricate laser-cut designs, to squares, to circles, to half height mini-cards, changing the shape of your cards can immediately set you apart from the crowd.

Bold Design

If you are handing somebody a business card with contact info in plain black text on a plain white background, you might as well save them the time and throw the card directly into the garbage. Fortunately, your options for good design on a business card are as deep as your imagination. You have the ability to include bright colors, pictures of employees or products, patterns, shapes, symbols, logos, and any font you can imagine. Failing to do so won’t make you look “traditional,” it will just look lazy and boring.

Press On

Printing using high-end digital printing techniques are a great way to get bold colors onto your card, but they certainly aren’t the only way to print. Consider using more craftsman-like printing techniques such as letterpress or embossing to add texture and depth to your cards. Not only will it stand out visually, but it will have a great feel in your hands which indicates quality. You can also use foil stamping to add a metallic shine and really make your cards pop.

Take Action

If you start thinking of your business card as the equivalent of a physical “call-to-action” button on your website, you can open up a whole world of creative possibilities. For instance, you could include a QR code that sends your contact information, or a link to a special landing page. You can even use the card to promote a specific product or event.

There are all kinds of creative and interesting ways you can kick your business card game up a notch. Sure, it may be annoying that there isn’t a better, more tech-friendly way to exchange information, but that doesn’t mean this old piece of collateral has to feel old. By giving your business cards a unique look, feel, or function, you can make your cards stand out as much as you’d like your company to. 

At 10twelve, we are known for our bold business card design and print technique choices. Want to make an impression for your first impressions? Contact us today!